Reduction of gas and GDP, Brussels troubles Rome: that’s why

More than a assist, a boomerang: the strategy developed by Brussels on the energy supply front for member countries risks complicating the plans fori recovery for our country.

Gas, Brussels crashes Rome

This is what emerges from the latest international study conducted by professors from some European universities, including Marco Mele and Cosimo Magazzino, recently published a trade magazine “Energy Reports “, according to which there would be a very close correlation between energy consumption and GDP growth to the point of “influencing” the state of health of a country, directing its socio-economic prosperity.

Taking into consideration a rather large time gap, in particular from 1926 to 2008, the study investigates the bidirectional relationship between energy consumption and economic growth for Italy.

GDP, the possible scenarios

“The analysis – we read – shows that if we consider very short time intervals and the related frequency bands, the effects of energy consumption on GDP growth are evident. Therefore a policy aimed at reducing gas consumption could generate a reduction of the country’s GDP “.

“Having demonstrated the effects of energy consumption on GDP growth, we can affirm that a policy aimed at reducing gas consumption could generate a reduction in Italy’s GDP ranging from 2.61-2.85 years to a maximum of 3, 5 years. Therefore, a reduction in gas – as proposed by the EU Council – will almost certainly have an adverse effect on the economic recovery of our country which will be discountedthe next few years “.


Meanwhile, just in the past few hours it has arrived the green light formal to the regulation of the EU Council for the saving of gas consumption in the period from 1 August to 31 March 2023. The plan provides for the voluntary reduction of 15% of the demand for natural gas for this winter.

The regulation provides for the possibility for the Council to launch a“Alert” on security of supply, in which case the reduction of gas demand would become mandatory. The formal green light came with the conclusion of the so-called written procedure which saw the yeses from 25 Member States. Hungary and Poland voted against.

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