Renovation craze, although material prices go up

2021-11-25 06:54

2021-11-25 06:54

Renovation craze, although material prices go up
Renovation craze, although material prices go up
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The value of the renovation and construction materials market this year may exceed PLN 100 billion. Also due to the increase in prices by an average of 11 percent. Every second Pole is already planning a renovation – “Rzeczpospolita” writes on Thursday.

According to the daily, this market is second only to Poles’ spending on food, and according to a study prepared by Bricoman Polska and GfK, in 2020 it was worth over PLN 84 billion. For 88 percent households are responsible.

According to the newspaper, this year, due to the increase in the prices of most construction materials and the real estate boom, the market may exceed or at least come close to around PLN 100bn.

“If we add labor costs to the amounts allocated to renovation and construction materials, we would obtain 12-digit amounts. This shows that for our compatriots our own place and its standard are a greater priority than traveling and rest” – says Przemysław Dwojak, senior to Rzeczpospolita. director at GfK.

A study commissioned by Grupa Muszkieterów shows that 51 percent. of respondents plan renovation in the next 12 months, and 55 percent. buys the products needed for it via the Internet, reports “Rzeczpospolita” on Thursday (PAP)

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