Renovation of the Gdańsk Gł station. New tunnel and searching for tenants

This is what the railway station in Gdańsk Główny looks like today. Drone video.

Works on the renovation of the railway station in Gdańsk Główny enter the next stage. Railwaymen are looking for tenants of commercial space, incl. in the place where McDonald’s operated before the renovation. The construction of the new part of the tunnel has also been completed. Travelers will be able to use the renovated spaces of the building at the end of summer 2022.

More than two years have passed since the start of the major renovation of the main railway station building in Gdańsk, and everything indicates that the works will continue for another year, although they were to end at the end of 2021.

Railwaymen explained that the delays resulted from additional works – necessary “from a technical and construction point of view, as well as the future aesthetics of the building and respect for its history”.

The latest information provided by PKP SA shows that the passenger service area of ​​the Gdańsk Główny railway station is to be made available to travelers at the end of the third quarter of 2022, while the entire investment will be completed at the end of 2022.

What will the Gdańsk Główny railway station look like? 2018 material

The construction of the new part of the tunnel has been completed

– The construction works related to the reconstruction of the Gdańsk Główny railway station are continued – he emphasizes Bartholomew Sarna z PKP SA – The construction of the new part of the tunnel has already been completed, installation and finishing works are currently underway there. Over the new part of the tunnel, on the surface of the square in front of the station, a new surface has already been made – he adds.

Gdańsk Główny in the years 1896-1900 on a lithographic postcard sent on July 26, 1906. Publisher: Kunstanstalt J.Miesler. Berlin S.

On the other hand, in the station building, the assembly of windows and doors, reconstructed in the same way as the historical ones, is in progress. A steel and wooden roof has already been installed above the main entrance, while a railway axle has been installed at the top of the hall, which has returned to the station after renovation.

– It is made of steel and finished with a copper plate. The second axis is currently undergoing renovation. Inside the station, finishing works are underway, consisting of plastering the rooms and installation works. New elevators and escalators have already been installed in the building – emphasizes the representative of PKP SA

Wanted tenants, previously there was, among others, McDonald’s

Railwaymen are also currently conducting proceedings in which tenants of the commercial space of the station will be selected.

Before the renovation, the building had, among others, McDonald’s restaurant outlet, which – due to its location and opening hours – was very popular.

This space is also for rent.

However, PKP does not inform which companies have applied for the tender.

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New plaque on top of the station building

But that’s not all. Attentive observers could already notice a board with the name of the station, which some time ago appeared on the top of the railway station building. Although opinions on whether it fits the character of the building in this form are divided, the appearance of the board is not accidental.

A board with the name of the station that appeared on the building of the railway station in Gdańsk.

A board with the name of the station that appeared on the building of the railway station in Gdańsk.


– The new design of the board with the name of the station on the facade of the Gdańsk Główny station has been agreed with the conservator of monuments, due to the fact that the station is entered in the register of monuments. In style, it refers to similar boards with the name of the stations located on the platforms – explains Bartłomiej Sarna.

Scope of renovation of the Gdańsk Główny railway station:

In the interiors:

  • reconstruction of checkout and shop windows made of oak wood, as at the beginning of the 20th century,
  • restoration of the original colors,
  • historical lighting in the form of spherical chandeliers,
  • reconstruction of cartouches with the coats of arms of Pomeranian towns,
  • covering the floor with yellow granite slabs.


  • reconstruction of a glass dome illuminating access to toilets and showers in the wing of the building,
  • cleaning bricks and refreshing the facade,
  • replacement of window joinery,
  • reconstruction of the roof in the northern part of the building (it will have a hipped form),
  • creation of a terrace above the McDonald’s bar,
  • replacement of the roof covering on the clock tower,
  • illumination of the object,
  • construction of a new tunnel section up to the main entrance.

The value of the contract, the contractor of which is Mostostal Warszawa, amounts to PLN 99.6 million.

Difficulties in the vicinity of the construction site

Due to the renovation of the station, it is difficult for pedestrians to reach the bus stops.

A strong wind knocked over the fence surrounding the building at the station, pedestrians had to move down the street.

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