REPORT CARDS OF PALERMO-SUDTIROL 0-1. An error prophesied by all gives three points to the opponents

The Palermo loses 1-0 to Renzo Barbera against a Sudtirol well put on the field but who wins only thanks to a sensational duck of Pigliacelli. Next Saturday against the Terni away you can not commit other missteps.

We all said or even thought that sooner or later Palermo would have conceded a goal in this way, and only seven days had to pass before we saw this prediction materialized. Beyond the error / horror, he makes some nice save that limits the passive keeping Palermo in play but by now the omelette had been made.

Play for a while and do not affect either phase. Too bad because he was one of the most anticipated. ROOM (from 45 ‘) 5.5 its entry does not shift the balance even if it gives greater solidity to the maneuver.

He suffers from the speed of his opponents and often also goes into difficulty in his comfort zone: the aerial game. On the back pass from which the goal arises, he has no responsibility.

It lacks the right wickedness and too many times it seems at the mercy of the opponents. VALENTE (from 68 ‘) 5.5 touches a few balls and does nothing to fetch them.

He goes into difficulty when he is aimed at speed (as happened in the 70 ‘on a Rover dribble) but twice he closes the diagonal well, preventing his opponents from breaking through.

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