“Request for arrest for anomalous Agnelli. Caution on Ronaldo’s card. Superlega? If Ceferin wins …”

The investigation Prism continues to hold court after the Federal Prosecutor’s Office asked the one in Turin for the new elements that emerged. To evaluate the existence of the conditions for the sporting process. Wiretapping and the famous “Ronaldo card” are the documents that would represent the news. This, the Super League and the future corporate scenarios in the EXCLUSIVE intervention a Out of Juve Marco Bellinazzojournalist of Il Sole 24 Ore.

Marco Bellinazzo clearly analyzes the prism investigation: “We are talking about different and overlapping floors. The investigation was born in relation to the capital gains, with respect to which, however, the prosecutors (sports and criminal), have already ruled, filing a stalemate. With regard to the Prisma investigation, there may be new elements that could overturn this picture, if there is the awareness of having worked intentionally. Such disputes could arise as to lead to a real judgment. Then there is the salary issue. It is necessary to understand if they have been accounted for in the balance sheet in the regular way. The last appendix of the accusatory framework concerns the hypothesis of invoices issued to prosecutors for non-existent services. Now you have to do all the necessary checks. Of this whole affair, what seemed to me abnormal is the request for arrest for Andrea Agnelli, rejected by the magistrate ”.

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