[Review] Durgod Taurus K320 Nebula, I fell in love with this RGB keyboard

RGB Keyboard

As a writer in a video game’s news agency, I have tried lots of keyboards, but it really gives me an idea. In the end, I fell in love with this RGB keyboard.

For me, I prefer the feeling of typing the keyboard from the beginning. The RGB effect doesn’t really matter to me. Certainly, I have friends who have an elegant computer decorated with an LED cooling fan and other lighting ornaments. Is not bad This is my general answer.

Recently, I brought Durgod Taurus K320 Nebula. By the way, the Taurus K320 looks as good as Durgod always does. Black plastic case, black PBT double hit key cover. The character is not so bad. The new one only installs RGB, which is a big difference with the previous Aurora.

However, this keyboard really impresses me. Of course, the design is not new, even if it looks like a cliche. I mean the design has changed completely.

The keyboard has two separate lights for the base edge of the lighting system and turns on the light. As in the aurora lighting system, keyboard lighting is controlled by the Durgod Zus engine.
The keyboard case has a slow design, which makes the keyboard more mechanical. Some might say that this is the aesthetics of a player. To me, it looks good compared to other Durgod products.

The keyboard uses a built-in USB cable instead of a divisible USB.

If you want to learn more about RGB gaming keyboard take a look at this review by Mechtype.

Above all, if you want a mechanical RGB keyboard with a low budget, the new Durgod RGB keyboard is a good choice.


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