Review of the movie The Outfit, where an expert tailor must outwit a dangerous group of mobsters to survive a fateful night

The Outfit is a nice gangster movie that enjoys flipping the script. Admittedly, he’s aided by a pretty good cast led by Mark Rylance as a tailor (or cutter, as he prefers to call himself) named Leonard who runs a corner shop in 1950s Chicago where his best customers are members. of the mafia (Dylan O ‘Brien and Johnny Flynn) who use his boutique to manage shady deals.

Fleeing his London homeland after World War II and the advent of jeans, Leonard has little choice but to agree to do business with gangsters. At the beginning of The Ouftfit there is a sad but true statement about how small family businesses don’t always have the power to reject customers they are at odds with, morally speaking. I think of the companies that are forced to pay the so-called lace to the mafia. A sad, very Italian reality. Leonard still seems pleased with his situation but is aware of the risks he is running. Meanwhile, he loves taking care of his assistant Mable (an underutilized but effective Zoey Deutch), ambitious to get out of Chicago and travel the world.

Zoey Deutch and Mark Rylance in The Outfit.
Zoey Deutch and Mark Rylance in The Outfit.

Richie and Francis (Johnny Flynn) are dealing with a mole to track down and have purchased a copy of a tape containing various conversations that should answer many of their questions, such as who is helping the FBI with these wiretaps. Leonard realizes that none of this bodes well for himself and Mable and chooses to use his intelligence and skill to pit the mobsters against each other. The Outfit’s story serves as a vehicle for Mark Rylance, adept at delivering a shrewd performance under a facade of ignorance, often accompanied by off-screen narration that draws parallels to the world of tailoring.

Much of the suspense in The Outfit stems from its unpredictability factor (although the mole’s identity is simple enough to understand), because some characters die and others enter a game of deception, not constantly aware of the chaos taking place. It’s a seemingly endless night of psychological deceptions and desperate attempts to keep others in the dark about what they don’t yet know.

Without spoilers, another supporting character is a black mobster named Lafontaine (Nikki Amuka-Bird) who tries to keep control of his territory. And even if her presence on the screen doesn’t last long, she is very good at playing this mafia boss of French origins. As I said before, Mable’s character disappears after a while, limiting his development. This choice is forgivable considering The Outfit is Leonard’s story.

Before the last 10 minutes, I was sure to give The Outfit a nice 8 but then I witnessed the bewildering ending that made me turn up my nose a little. However, overall I liked the film: Dylan O’Brien and Johnny Flynn shine in their respective roles and Alexandre Desplat’s tense and bizarre soundtrack manages to create the right suspense during the twists. In short, The Outfit is a funny movie that I definitely recommend you to see.

If you’ve seen it before, let me know what you think through the comments.

The review

The Outfit


  • Beautiful twists
  • I liked the performances of the cast
  • Great soundtrack


  • I didn’t like Zoey Deutch’s character development
  • The finish also has some smudges

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