“Revoked” ticket office in Casamicciola, the Tar decides on 29 June – Il Golfo 24

The dispute over the Casamicciola port ticket office will be decided at the end of the month. The Seventh Section of the TAR rejected the company’s appeal against the Municipality of Casamicciola for the cancellation of the determined prot. 4692 of May 3, 2022 with which the Capricho body had ordered the forfeiture or revocation or in any case denied the renewal of concession no. 17/2018 issued to the company and concerning the state-owned area within the Italia ’90 building with an area of ​​28.10 square meters, of which about 5.00 square meters to be used as a ticket office and the remaining part of the premises to be kept in the ” original use of toilets, with the simultaneous warning to release within fifteen days of communication.

According to the court, the records show adequate documentation about the negative state of use of the property subject to concession in support of the contested decision of the Municipality of Casamicciola, to counter which the company has put forward arguments that according to the judges are ” completely generic and not corroborated by evidence “. Not only that: also the damage profiles placed in support of the precautionary request pursuant to art. 56 cpa are deducted in a very generic way. Furthermore, in the face of the warning to release the state property within fifteen days from the date of the provision (of 3.5.2022, with expiry, therefore, on 18.5.2022), the judicial challenge is initiated several days later (in fact the notification of the appeal by means of PEC was sent with date 1.6.2022, and the deposit made only on 9.6.2022), which according to the judges appears to be in complete contradiction with the request made, for urgent precautionary protection. Consequently, the TAR rejected the precautionary petition and set the council chamber on 29 June next for the collective discussion of the ordinary precautionary petition.

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