Richard Gere: “No Pretty Woman sequel. Now my priority is children”

The question everyone asks him is always the same: “There will be a sequel to Pretty woman“? And he, a Richard Gere smiling, kind and very patient. she answers everyone. The Hollywood star landed in Calabria in the morning for the Magna Graecia Film Festivalin the company of his wife Alejandra Silva. First stop in Gere, light blue shirt, short hair and dark pants, the regional citadel of Catanzaro, where he met the authorities and the organizer and creator of the event Gianvito Casadonte. Also present was the commissioner of the Calabria Film Commission, the stylist Anton Giulio Grande. After, an exclusive lunch for about 20 people. The 72-year-old American actor who will receive on Friday 5 August, in the evening, the Magna Graecia Award, statuette made by the goldsmith Michele Entrustedwill be the protagonist at the Arena del Porto di Catanzaro in a talk with the public and to follow it will be screened in his honor, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the film, Officer and Gentleman directed by Taylot Hackford, in which Gere plays one of the most iconic roles of his career. The vice president of the regional council of Calabria was also present to welcome the star in the headquarters of the Calabria Region, Giusi Princi.

Pretty Woman

We all fell in love with the fairytale couple from the legendary film Pretty Woman, where Gere starred alongside Julia Roberts. 32 years ago. But the time for romance never passes and the film, rerun almost every six months on television, never loses its fairytale charm, filling audiences every time, with Julia Roberts version of Cinderella in Beverly Hills. “Pretty Woman ‘ how long ago is it? – answers Gere – about 32 years ago … It’s been so many years and basically none of us were so eager and eager to make a sequel or a remake. Every now and again Garry Marshall, director and screenwriter, came to Julia and me to say ‘let’s see, what do you think if at some point the male character decides to run for political office but in the meantime we got married and things like that, but then we say that the story or at least the script is never beyond this point. So the answer is no. You also need to actually understand how the films are made. The film was successful, but we didn’t think it would become what it eventually became. We thought it was a small film and not a film that created a form of identification on the part of everyone who saw it. It was something magical, a magic like a stardust. Unexpected. It’s like falling in love, it’s not that one decides to fall in love, it happens, it’s a little bit what happens in cinema too. There have never been ideas for a remake or a sequel, I understand that there is from a certain point of view the impulse at the business level to make something that was a success but artistically made no sense. “

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

Officer and gentleman

Officer and gentleman is the iconic film screened on the occasion of the Magna Graecia Film Festival. A 1982 film, which turns 40. The story is known, Gere, Zack Mayo, is a restless teenager, the son of a drunken naval sergeant major and a woman who committed suicide. After graduating, he decides to enroll in the military jet pilot course at a renowned military academy, despite his father’s skepticism. The training course actually turns out to be tougher than expected. Zack immediately clashes with the severity of the instructor, Sergeant Foley, who intends with his hardness to bring out all the weaknesses of the recruits, in order to select only those who are up to the role to be filled. The sergeant targets Zack himself, albeit for a good purpose, subjecting him to the worst tests. During the course, Zack forms a special friendship with Sid, the actor David Keith, a young man of bourgeois origin from Oklahoma, very fragile psychologically, who will help him pass the aerodynamics exam. In their free time, the two meet two local girls, Paula, Debra Winger and Lynetta, Lisa Blount with which they start important relationships.

Richard Gere and Debra Winger in Officer and a Gentleman

Richard Gere and Debra Winger in Officer and a Gentleman

War in Ukraine

Richard Gerefriend always of the Dalai Lama, of what is happening in Ukraine he explains how “in absolute terms I am a pacifist and a non-violent, but in the relative world we live in it is still necessary to protect ourselves and help those in difficulty, as is the case of ‘Ukraine. The human being, on the other hand, is dysfunctional and the only organizations trying to enforce the rule of law at present are NATO and the European Union “. And China? “It is clear that she is pursuing a long-term power plan, you can see from how she has behaved with Tibet and Mongolia. However, the unanimity with which Ukraine has been helped bodes well for more responsible behavior in the future. from everyone. In this sense, Putin – Gere is keen to say – was blown away because he did not expect such a homogeneous response against his invasion “.

Priority to children

“Now I want to give priority to my children. I never thought about being a director. Films are a collective work, I mean that the director is not as untouchable as he thinks. Now apart from a few films that I didn’t want to do, a It went well for me. And then – concludes the actor – I have four children and I always thought that I should take care of them and not disappear for a year and a half like a director does. I think I’m a dinosaur on the small screen. In the sense that I am a dinosaur, I watch television and I am also happy to be. On the other hand I don’t even remember when I was last in the cinema. And this because of Covid, but not only. Of course the TV series help independent cinema and this is a good thing, but what is lacking and what only the cinema has is the sense of community “.

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