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There Wikipedia page from Victoria 3 has been updated with some strange accusations, evidently launched by gods right-wing extremists. That they are such can be understood from the tones used and from the total ignorance of what they are talking about. Let’s read:

“Victoria 3 is a liberal mess that has gotten some good reviews from” gaming journalists “because it includes blacks, socialism and “scholars”. Don’t buy this game if you don’t want to support left-wing junk. “

The offending modification of the Victoria 3 page on Wikipedia

The offending modification of the Victoria 3 page on Wikipedia

Of course you just need to have a history book in life to know that blacks, socialism and scholars were well present in the era faced by the game and that, therefore, there was no forcing by the developers. In fact, the controversy sounds particularly pretext, as well as completely far-fetched.

The socialism in particular it was decisive for some historical facts of the time, which will lead to great upheavals in the following decades, but evidently those who modified the Wikipedia page did not know it. After all, it does not even make much sense in a strategic historical to complain about the presence of blacks and scholars, unless it is believed that they are an invention of the liberal left (anything is possible, in the age of the internet).

For the rest, if you want to learn more about the game, we invite you to read our review of Victoria 3.

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