Rihanna’s boyfriend identified by police in shooting video

Rapper A$AP Rocky, 33, was identified by LAPD this Friday (29) in a video of the November 2021 shooting. He was arrested in April after returning from a trip to Barbados. , where his girlfriend Rihanna was.

A$AP Rocky was arrested in April on suspicion of participating in a shooting –  Photo: Internet/Reproduction/NDA$AP Rocky was arrested in April on suspicion of participating in a shooting – Photo: Internet/Reproduction/ND

A$AP Rocky posted $550,000 bail and was released by police.

During searches of his house, several weapons were found, but so far the police cannot say if any of them were used in the shooting. According to TMZ, when officers finished their search, they left Rocky’s house with a box of potential evidence.

LAPD sources say that in the video – believed to be from a surveillance camera – of the alleged attack involving the rapper last November, A$AP can be seen. However, the video has not been released and the police have not yet commented on what they will do now.

remember the case

Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was arrested on April 20 for assault with a deadly weapon and accused of approaching a man he knew on the street before firing multiple shots at him.

He was in Barbados with his girlfriend, singer Rihanna, who is expecting their first child.

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