Riki Rivera in Poiendo las Calles: “The street is history” – Poiendo las calles

It’s Friday and the body knows it. Today we lay roads With a different artist who has created his own style and defends it with an absolutely unique personality and perhaps for this reason has become the musical ambassador of the most important linguistic event in the world in which he has been present a few months ago took place in practically all Spanish-speaking countries and also in his hometown of Cádiz. he is Ricky Rivera, He knows very well what success is from different points of view. A has won goya awardHas composed songs for artists of the stature of Pasion Vega or India Martinez.

“It’s so gratifying and so nice to see that all of a sudden one of your songs or a song you made with an artist is played together with your musician friends, that some people tell you with this song that they love happened, that with that song he first discovered an unforgettable summer. Such things are gifts of life, – recognizes the singer Carlos Moreno ‘The Octopus’. The artist uses music to make people happy, his job is to create happiness. ,If I can impress you through music, then I know I’ve done great.,

‘Going to Heaven’ This is her new album, with messages inside the lyrics for people who need a hug, who need help looking in their eyes and moving on. “I also have songs that brighten my day, such as those by Luis Fonsi and David Bisbal or summer, such as Palabras del Silencio, by the Puerto Rican singer. In general I identify with Luis Fonsi, – explains the artist. A song takes you to a place that allows you to remember whether you did well or that it was effective in recovery, for example.

Music is a very important pillar in Poniendo Las Calas. ,It is precious and super magical that the subconscious, that mind has open doors that you cannot control, through which music, laughter or emotions enter., – Explains in terms of the time in which the program is performed. The hour in which there is a laugh, a click, and where the latches do not close and all that enters is controlled.

Rikki Rivera is from Cádiz, “from Cádiz, from Cádiz, from Cádiz, from the old city.” – explains the artist, referring to three expressions used to refer to people living in the capital of Cádiz. “I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in a neighborhood where in the 80’s and 90’s there was copla, there was flamenco, there was carnival, there was drama, there was couple, there was refrain, there was grace, there was mockery, there was sharp irony and it was all there. Something was a continuous theatre. – explains the artist from Cádiz. Artist from a community where culture is exploiting, from which more and more music is coming out because of the connections that exist with other types of music. From Cadiz, Carnival and its Coplas, “I came from there as a child. Our first group called ‘Leventito’, which appeared in the late 90s, stems from the desire that one carnival ends and another carnival arrives. He has six months left before I can’t sit still. The artist comes from the flamenco guitar and hence his fondness for the great Paco de Lucía, from whom he had all his records, as well as Camarón or more recently Catema. Too. “Good music is made all over Spain, but there are many factors.”

in his aspect musician He has composed with them for artists of the stature of Aitana, Ana Guerra, Cepeda, Antonio José or Malu. Reaching such a high position is something the artist has never considered, because it is future and concern. “You put into doing it with gusto and doing it well and that is going to translate into the songs. And connect with people in the short term, so that it will last in the long term. Success is being in the right place at the right time.” – tells ‘El Pulpo’.

the road is one of its bases To get the stories which are not recorded in the records. Disc, ‘They Who Go to Paradise’ is dedicated to the women in his household, his two sisters, his grandmother, his aunt and his mother., which allowed him to have an amazing vision of the world. Her mother worked to support her children and they grew up on the street, where she learned much from that school. An album dedicated to that life, to those mothers, to those mothers.

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