Robert Kubica knew he would not get a seat in F1. The Pole has other plans

Cezary Gutowski: How are you?

Robert Kubica: Very good. Thank you!

On Tuesday The case of the second seat in Alfa Romeo was clarified. When did you hear about this decision?

I found out from the internet, but that I hadn’t been considered for this chair, I have known for a long time. It didn’t affect my well-being, and I hadn’t been looking forward to these decisions for the past few weeks.

So it’s not that this decision unblocked you and you have already worked on other options?

It doesn’t unlock me in some ways, and besides, I was starting, so I was working. I recently ran three races in a row!

And what’s next?

My future, as I said a few months ago, is quite clear in my head. I sleep soundly. Here or there … I know more or less what I’m going to do, and it’s pretty OK.

The Alfa Romeo boss has officially said he is talking to you about next year. He counts that you will continue to cooperate …

I think Fred is talking to Orlen more than behind me. You could say that I am part of the puzzle, but whether or not I will be a backup driver is not entirely up to me. Certain decisions have to be made elsewhere so that I will know if this makes sense to me or not. This year I have been focusing on endurance racing and next year I will be focusing mainly on my racing. Where I will be racing and what I will be doing is fairly clear to me. Some details need to be finalized, but as I said – until other people make certain decisions, I will be blocked. We’ll see how it comes out.

In long-distance racing, the Hypercars category is developing, but in fact it will start for good from 2023 …

Who said I would stay on endurance?

That’s how I understood it!

Not. I said that this year I have been focusing on endurance and in the future I will be focusing on the races in which I will compete. Mainly!

Then I misunderstood … So we’re not touching the topic?

We can go, but the Hypercars are entering the 22/23 season and we are still in the 20/21 season. Fortune telling or combinations that because I was testing ten laps in a Ferrari in Bahrain for fun and the Iron Lynx team bought Prema, I will be driving somewhere in the 22/23 season, it doesn’t make sense at this stage.

I didn’t mean Ferrari specifically. I am talking about the program of competitions in general.

This one is quite clear to me. This is a natural step … As I have already said, you have to wait a while for some decisions and that’s it.

Cezary Gutowski spoke in Qatar

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