Rocchi: ‘Error in Empoli-Milan? That shed had to be managed better. Women referee? I only have Ferrieri Caputi ‘| First page

The arbitrator designator Gianluca Rocchi spoke to Radio Me too Sport of the day just ended for the referees of our Serie A. The former whistle admitted the mistake in Empoli-Milan on the lineout that led to Rebic’s goal widely contested by the Tuscans.

EMPOLI-AC MILAN STAGE – “On the position of the lineout contested by Empoli against Milan, I tell the truth, we had to be more careful: it is the only flaw of an optimal day, I say this with pride”.

CLOSE TO EUROPE – “There were very high level referees performances, including Aureliano’s in Empoli which, apart from this episode – which had to be done better – was excellent. I’m happy that the referees are working in unison, in the same direction, we are getting closer to Europe with technical refereeing numbers, this is our goal “.

RIGORINI – “The ‘rigorini’? Those of Lecce were two clear penalties, granted without the help of the Var, the only penalty that was not to be given was that of Genoa: in this the Var was very good in taking it away”.

WOMEN REFEREE – “Other women referees in the future? In my group of A and B I don’t have any, there are two very good assistants, one of whom has already been seen in A. Maybe they are working on it in Serie C, but that is not part of my duties . If there are possibilities in the future, they are welcome. “

SEMI-AUTOMATIC OFFSIDE – “We welcome technological innovations with open arms, the FIGC must give us a semi-automatic offside. What can improve quality, and simplify the work of the referees, is well received”.

PROTESTS – “Coaches who protest too much? Paradoxically, I prefer one who loses his temper a little on the pitch, and then realizes the seriousness of his behavior in interviews, to one who behaves in the opposite way”

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