Rock In Rio 2022: Justin Bieber’s hits that we’re going to sing

O Rock In Rio 2022 approaches and with it comes anxiety and preparations for the biggest music festival in the world! The headliner of the first Sunday of the festival will be Justin bieber and the beliebers are already getting ready to sing all the hits of the Canadian singer.

Recently returning to the stage after a syndrome that left him out of action for about two months, Justin has all the energy in the world and has been lighting up stages around the globe! With a date set on Rio de Janeiro is at Sao Paulothe focus is all on which setlist will be used in the Rock In Rio 2022. Of course, as the show is part of the Justice World Tourwe already have a small idea of ​​what we will be waiting for.

Rock In Rio 2022: what to expect from Justin Bieber’s concert at the festival?

It may be that the songs chosen for this special show are different from the ones he has sung during the tour, but we sure have those darlings that can’t be missed at all! We made a list to remember those tracks that have a special place in our hearts.


One of the ones that brings more energy to the stages of Justin, absolutely! The big darling of the year 2015 and that went viral with the contagious choreography of the video clip. One of the most iconic performances was during the Jingle Bell Ball 2015!

All That Matters

This one is special for the carioca beliebers! part of the project journalswhere one song was released per week, ‘All That Matters’ had its first live performance in Rio de Janeiro, in 2013, during the passage of Believe Tour cross country. The track had been released in the same week, but the fans didn’t spare their voices chanting each word with all their breath, after all, what’s a king bed without a queen?

Where Are ÜNow

How about a good headbanging?! The partnership between Justin bieber and Skrillex is also included in the preview setlist of Justice World Tour and the shivers run up my spine just imagining 100,000 people jumping to the sound of it on the Rock In Rio 2022! Oh, oh!


the big darling of justiceof course, is her! ‘peaches’ can easily enter the category of greatest hits in the career of Justin bieber. The partnership with giveon and Daniel Caesar was nominated for a Grammy and is more than on the ‘can’t miss’ list for the Rock In Rio 2022!


The big! The biggest! The owner of all our recent dreams and possibly one of the biggest songs of Bieberherself: Baby! Despite being the second song released, it was the one that took Justin to the level of a world star, the track was the second to reach 1 billion views on YouTube and broke numerous records that put the Canadian singer in the spotlight at just 15 years old.

We came to the conclusion that the career of Justin bieber is full of hits and that this show in Rock In Rio 2022 it will be a delight for all the fans who will go to the festival and who will watch from home. We are looking forward to seeing the Canadian take care of the world stage for the first time! and let the day come September 4th!

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