Rock in Rio announces show times for the Mundo and Sunset Stages

O Rock in Rio is getting closer and, to warm up expectations, the organization released this Thursday (23) the official times of each show, on each day of the festival. The schedule was released only for the two main stages of the festival: world stage and Sunset stage.


The festival will officially start on the 2nd of September and the last day of the event is scheduled for the 11th of September, in Olympic Park from the city of Rio de Janeiro. All tickets are sold.

World Stage of Rock in Rio 2022
World Stage of Rock in Rio 2022. Photo: Publicity/Rock in Rio

Check out the entire schedule below:

September 2nd

world stage
Dream Theater: 0h10
Iron Maiden: 22:20
Gojira: 20:10
Grave: 18:00

Sunset stage
Bullet For My Valentine: 9:15 pm
Living Color ft. Steve Vai: 7:05 pm
Metal Allegiance: 16:55
Black Panther: 3:30 pm

september 3

world stage
Post Malone: ​​12:10 am
Marshmello: 22:20
Jason Derulo: 20:10
Alok: 18:00

Sunset stage
Rationals: 21:15
Criolo invites Mayra Andrade: 19:05
Shaman invites Bro’s MCs: 4:55 pm
Papatinho and L7nnon invite MC Carol and MC Hariel: 15:30

september 4th

world stage
Justin Bieber: 0h10
Demi Lovato: 10:20pm
Migos: 20:10
IZA: 18:00

Sunset stage
Gilberto Gil: 21:15
Emicida: 19:05
Luísa Sonza invites Marina Sena: 16:55
Matuê: 15:30

september 8

world stage
Guns N’ Roses: 0h10
Maneskin: 22:20
The Offspring: 20:10
CPM 22: 18:00

Sunset stage
Jessie J: 9:15 pm
Corinne Bailey Ray: 7:05 pm
Gloria Groove: 4:55 pm
Duda Beat: 15:30

September 9

world stage
Green Day: 0h10
Fall Out Boy: 22:20
Billy Idol: 8:10pm
Initial Capital: 18:00

Sunset stage
Avril Lavigne: 9:15 pm
1985: The Homage: 19:05
John: 4:55 pm
Di Ferrero & Vitor Kley: 3:30 pm

September 10th

world stage
Coldplay: 0h10
Camila Cabello: 10:20 pm
Bastille: 20:10
Djavan: 18:00

Sunset stage
Ceelo Green: 9:15 pm
Maria Rita: 7:05 pm
Gilsons: 4:55 pm
Bullet & Desire: 3:30 pm

September 11th

world stage
Dua Lipa: 0:10 am
Megan Thee Stallion: 10:20 pm
Rita Ora: 20:10
Ivete Sangalo: 18:00

Sunset stage
Ludmilla: 21:15
Macy Gray: 7:05 pm
Power! Elza Vive: 16:55
Liniker invites Luedji Luna: 15:30

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