Rockstar, Blizzard, Activision – is this the twilight of the giants?

The blame can be blamed on everyone, although probably not everyone is to blame. Another thing is that management boards, often unaware of the consequences of wrong decisions, greedy CEOs or people who forcefully implement new perspectives literally in five to twelve. Or maybe these companies fall too much into the so-called quality privilege? We presented the phenomenon several entries back, but the current changes in the publishing market seem to confirm my theory. Subsequent projects brutally collide with the wall, while the catalog is saved by gems from the past, which still earn for themselves and still hold the images of big companies. The question is for how long?

AVanguard chaos

Cal of Duty and Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard, even before the premiere of the eternal Activision series, I was wondering how quickly another sales record would be broken. I was surprised, but probably the publisher’s management was much more surprised. Among the surveyed players, one of the reasons not to buy the new version turns out to be the scandal related to the treatment of the fair sex in the company’s ranks. In the past, when Blizzard has not yet merged with the Kotticka company, the scandals were downplayed and covered up. Finally, after many years, people who decided to change the employer came and the image of both companies lost its quality, unfortunately not only mental. Diablo II: Ressurected is just a weak remake full of school bugs. It hits the nostalgia of the original release veterans, but tutoring from today’s Capcom restoration masters would do well. The annual call to duty also does not impress with quality, repeating the uneven quality of last year’s Cold War. Back then it was much easier to have an audience of players than it is now.

PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X entered the market, while Treyarch became the first Call of Duty for a new generation of consoles. Now a similar practice has not passed. There has not been such a poor result in 14 years. Or maybe Activision-Blizzard unexpectedly shot itself in the knee releasing Warzone? Let’s face it, hardly anyone will spend the full price for a few hours of the story campaign. The brand’s electorate is primarily a multiplayer struggle. Bobby Kottick reportedly has to go. Even if he did, he was always proud to be a loser. He has achieved everything he wanted, so he will not have to deal with scandals flowing out one after the other. I think he realizes that the time of the presidency is almost over. Refreshed legends, recreational patterns in game design – those things haven’t changed in Activision for years. Although Crash Bandicoot’s collection and its fourth run to breakneck levels are a publisher’s swan song that was once considered a model of rebellion against the corporate machine. But that’s another story.

We entered the delicate topic of refreshing the classics. Rockstar was considered a company whose products we buy blind. It does not matter with what title or subject matter of the next Houser game. It’s a trust tag that has just been torn. Everything for the Grand Theft Auto trilogy. Some commentators say that players are exaggerating a bit, because the company still has a lot of credit throughout the gaming industry. It’s hard to disagree. It’s as if one package of three games from a decade ago destroy the previous history of Rockstar. And yet three years ago we got the most beautiful of open worlds in Red Dead Redemption 2. Is it worth forgiving such licks? The tension was boosted by the information about the use of mobile ports for the console release. Well, you can anyway. However, I believe that Rockstar’s mishap will fade over time, with the announcement of the new GTA.


Cyberpunk 2077

Rockstar nevertheless bases its revenues on GTA Online and of course the still unbeaten Gran Theft Auto V. Take-Two has been making money on the 2013 super production for years. A version for the consoles of the current generation is being prepared, just like years ago when the title was released on PS4 / Xbox One. This release currently guarantees moderate returns. CD Projekt also has such a financial lifebuoy in the form of the Wild Hunt. Otherwise, the next-gen version would not remain so important for Kiciński, who recently spoke about postponing the release date for more powerful version consoles. Much has been said and written about the cyberpunk crash. After a year, players begin to appreciate the project, while CD Projekt is looking for designers for side tasks. In a word, it is happening with industry giants. Maybe it is a matter of changing the next generations of creators working in large corporations? REDzi have bought a new studio, Rockstar is still waiting with the announcement of the next GTA, while Activision is desperately cleaning up the mess.

Surprisingly, Japan is doing very well. Just like in the times of the domination of the eastern school of creation, so during the lifetime of PlayStation 2 or in the last days of Sega Dreamcast. Because you probably all expect the Elden Ring more than any other game from the West, right? CD Projekt or Rockstar will get as much as possible from their gems. Times of console shortages are also not conducive to the development of large projects. Are big companies facing an equally great stagnation? The theory seems to be confirmed by the growing number of independent games that are taking the market by storm. One moment more and everything will really change. We will stop waiting for blockbusters with the same enthusiasm as before. All in all, I am already so slowly, and you?

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