Rome: car crashes into Palazzo Cimarra: tragedy touched on in Monti

Tragedy touched the Rione Monti, in the historic center of Rome, where a woman – in a car with her three children – lost control of the Toyota Yaris she was driving by crashing into the entrance door of Palazzo Cimarra, where the offices of the branch of the Ministry of the Interior. A car swooped at full speed which, after touching a woman who was walking in front of the entrance to the building built in 1736, crashed into the entrance steps of the building which is located at number 200 in via Panisperna with the car which then literally bounced back.

A video from the security cameras was shooting the scene. Just over 30 seconds of images – shot just before 8:00 am on October 26th – showing a small car arriving from via Panisperna and – without stopping at the stop sign – going at full speed against the entrance to Palazzo Cimarra.

Only by lucky chance there were no victims or injuries. Before the car hit the steps of the building, it touched a woman walking in front of the entrance to the branch office of the ministry. The policeman on duty was also unharmed, who went out to ascertain the conditions of the people present inside the subcompact.

Stopping on the pavement after the impact against the door, the woman who was behind the wheel, a 50-year-old, came out of the driver’s seat of the car. Together with her also her three young children, who got off like their mother with their own legs from the cockpit without having suffered any consequences.

On the spot to ascertain the incident, in addition to the staff of the Viminal Police Inspectorate, the agents of the I group Center of the local police of Roma Capitale. From a first reconstruction it seems that the woman made a wrong maneuver in taking the curve and losing control of the car.

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