Rome Film Fest 2022: seven new films in the program

Seven new films will enter the program of the Film Festival of Rome 2022. This was announced by the Artistic Director Paola Malanga, in agreement with Gian Luca Farinelli, President of the Cinema for Rome Foundation, and Francesca Via, General Director. The titles will be part of the Freestyle, Grand Public and History of Cinema sections.

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In Grand Public Physical Education will be presented, the second feature film by Stefano Cipani, director of My brother chases dinosaurs, winner of the David Giovani Award. The film is an Italian-Polish co-production, based on a play and scripted by the D’Innocenzo brothers. In the cast Claudio Santamaria, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Sergio Rubini, Angela Finocchiaro, Raffaella Rea.

Art, culture, history are some of the main themes of the documentaries that will enrich the Freestyle section. Bice Lazzari – Manfredi Lucibello’s rhythm and obsession is the portrait of a woman who fought against the morals and customs of the past to establish herself as an artist and who has been forgotten for too long; Infinite. The universe of Luigi Ghirri by Matteo Parisini, on the other hand, traces the work of the great photographer through his writings, read by Stefano Accorsi. Rome, the open island of the Monkeys Video Lab (Alessio Rucchetta, Valerio Sammartino and Simone Nazzaro Valente) shows the capital as an aesthetic laboratory through the studios of Roman artists; the short film ABOrismi, portraits and self-portrait by Nunzio Massimo Nifosì is instead dedicated to the famous aphorisms of Achille Bonito Oliva. Giorgio Treves, with The Cross and the Swastika, deals with a little known story, the persecution and deportation of European Christians by the Nazi regime.

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Francesco Rosi, the Festival will present to the public the screening of the restored version of I Magliari. The film will be part of the History of Cinema section.

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Grand Public PHYSICAL EDUCATION by Stefano Cipani, Italy, Poland, 2022, 88 ‘Cast: Claudio Santamaria, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Sergio Rubini, Angela Finocchiaro, Raffaella Rea The film revolves around the parents of three pupils who are summoned by the principal of a middle school : a crime has happened, for which their children are responsible. But it’s hard to believe and accept. The gymnasium is transformed into a makeshift courtroom, where a ferocious trial begins in a stubborn attempt to deny and hide the truth.

Freestyle ROME OPEN ISLAND by Monkeys Video Lab, Italy, 2022, 61 ‘Rome as an aesthetic laboratory, unknown to many but open to all, where art, in all its expressions, becomes a common good capable of putting each other in communication people and spaces. The Monkeys Video Lab (Alessio Rucchetta, Valerio Sammartino and Simone Nazzaro Valente), together with the creators Raffaella Frascarelli and Sabrina Vedovotto, begin with this film a journey through the studios of Roman artists, who are open to the public to reflect on social and political issues , economic, and on the relationship between art and daily life. Their availability and above all their different styles, environments, models and expressive rhythms make up an unprecedented imaginary of the city.

Freestyle LA CROCE E LA SWASTICA by Giorgio Treves, Italy, France, 2022, 104 ‘A little-known, repressed, uncomfortable story: the persecution and deportation of European Christians (Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Jehovah’s Witnesses), by the Nazi regime and the reasons behind it. Giorgio Treves, who comes from a family who escaped the Holocaust, embarks on a journey where he explores hitherto secret archives and meets historians and survivors in Dachau, who for the first time talk about what they have seen and suffered. He begins by making clear the ambiguous relations that there were at first between the Church and Nazism, considered as a lesser evil and a barrier to communism. But the fate of the Christian religion, in the eyes of Hitler, was marked: and the persecutions of Christians (even if fewer than those suffered by the Jews), according to many historians, would have been only the beginning of a new final solution.

Freestyle ABORISMS, PORTRAITS and SELF-PORTRAITS by Nunzio Massimo Nifosì, Italy, 2022, 8 ‘A brief and striking portrait of one of the historians, curators and art critics of the last fifty years. Specifically, the work investigates and gives substance to the famous aphorisms that Achille Bonito Oliva has written and published over the years in the most important Italian newspapers. ABO is a trademark and therefore with him the aphorisms have become Aborisms. The latter are enriched by the numerous portraits that important artists have dedicated to him and by a precious visit by ABO among the rooms and works of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome.

Freestyle BICE LAZZARI – THE RHYTHM AND OBSESSION by Manfredi Lucibello, Italy, 2022, 61 ‘The life of Bice Lazzari is a story of resistance, emancipation and freedom. Telling it is an opportunity to show the 20th century from an unprecedented point of view, that of a woman who fought against the morals and customs of the past to establish herself as an artist. Between testimonies and archives, the documentary is the portrait of the artist who made her life the manifesto of her art.

INFINITE Freestyle. L’UNIVERSO DI LUIGI GHIRRI by Matteo Parisini, Italy, 2022, 73 ‘Luigi Ghirri: a great photographer, whose art Elisabetta Sgarbi (the film Deserto rosa) and the Modena City Ramblers (the song The man of the plains have also ventured ). And that in the new film written and directed by Matteo Parisini he does not speak only through his images (photographic and video footage), but also through his words. In fact Ghirri wrote a lot and the film retraces his work through his writings, read by Stefano Accorsi. And of course through his places and his figures, the Emilian province, the land, the water, the hills, the infinite horizons, in which daily, tender, eccentric characters stand out.

History of Cinema I MAGLIARI by Francesco Rosi, Italy, France, 1959, 132 ‘Cast: Alberto Sordi, Belinda Lee, Renato Salvatori, Nino Vingelli, Aldo Giuffrè The 4K restoration was carried out by Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna, in collaboration with Titanus, starting with the original room and sound negatives. The work was carried out in the L’Immagine Ritrovata laboratory in 2021. Restoration carried out with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture.

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