Rome is hunting for the defender: Mourinho now wants Lindelof

ROME – The Roma market is in a stalemate, no more purchases should arrive this weekend, after the “barrels” of Dybala and Wijnaldum. But Belotti and another defender will arrive by the end of the month. The center forward is waiting for the transfer of Shomurodov to Bologna to be released, but there have been no steps forward and the former grenade is tempted by the Nice offer. As for the power plant, Mourinho’s favorite name seems to be that of Victor Lindelof. Swedish, 28, is leaving Manchester United. So far the negotiation has not gone into full swing. Lindelof risks not finding space with the arrival of Martinez and the confirmation of Varane, sure owner. He had arrived at United precisely at the request of Mourinho, who had seen him in Tiago Pinto’s Benfica and had been bought for 40 million. Today his valuation is around 15 million, but he has the contract expiring in 2024 and will not be renewed. Roma could consider him with a loan with the right of redemption, also because there is no provision for the sale of one of the other central defenders already in the squad.

Roma working on redundancies: here are all the outgoing negotiations

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Roma working on redundancies: here are all the outgoing negotiations

The nightmare of redundancies

Tiago Pinto is dedicating himself to disposals and despite the excellent results he has brought home so far he is experiencing many difficulties in placing the redundant players. The only news of yesterday concerns Kluivert: at the moment it is not only Fulham to negotiate his purchase, but Italian, Spanish and one Portuguese clubs have also expressed interest. At this point, Roma could also evaluate a loan for the Dutchman with the only right of redemption. In Trigoria, eight players still train with the status of out of the squad: Diawara, Kluivert, Calafiori, Coric, Providence, Bianda, Riccardi and Bouah. This handful of unemployed, still under contract with the Giallorossi club, have had eleven more days of vacation than the team’s resumption, set for 5 July. They met on the 16th, following an agreement between the company and the prosecutors to seek a solution. Roma allowed these players to train under the same conditions as the first team: they work under the guidance of a qualified staff, on the grass pitch that is not used day by day by Pellegrini and his teammates. The situation for some of them has crystallized and just over two weeks after the end of the market there is no solution on the horizon. They are players who, due to mistakes made in the transfer market in the past, weigh heavily on the club’s wages. Let’s do some math: Kluivert costs Rome 5.5 million euros gross, Diawara 2.1 million euros, Coric 1.8, Bouah one million, Riccardi, Bianda and Calafiori each 700,000, Providence “only” 200,000. The gross salary of ten million is easily exceeded. Many of them have rejected the proposed solutions, or face difficulties because their salaries are too high and the clubs concerned are asking to cover the salary to Roma, which does not want to contribute. Riccardi refused Spal and last season Teramo, Coric did not find an agreement with Zurich, who wanted to renew the loan. The Croatian midfielder has played 2000 minutes in four seasons with five different jerseys. These are still very young players (Diawara, the most “elderly”, is 25 years old) and if they stay put for another season they risk not relaunching, effectively giving up a path of sporting growth. Diawara has refused several proposals, since last year, when he was already finished on the sidelines of the first team. The curious case of Calafiori, who had been summoned to retire in Portugal and after a few days returned to Rome and ended up among the redundancies. The full-back, who has recently changed agent, is considering some offers.

Wijnaldum: "Roma and me?  Perfect union"

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Wijnaldum: “Roma and I? Perfect union”

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