Ronaldinho points out 2 Brazilians who can “unseat” Mbappé in the World Cup

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Alongside Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho Gaúcho gave a press conference before the friendly match “The Beautiful Game”. Thus, the five-time world champion was asked about two highlights of European football: Mbappé and Vinicius Jr. Despite the PSG ace being the target of a lot of hype, the Bruxo sees in the Real Madrid striker, as well as in Neymar, hopes of Brazil winning the World Cup.

Even though he was cautious in his response, Ronaldinho proved to be more pending alongside Vinicius Jr. Essential for Real Madrid to win the Champions League, the Flamengo-trained athlete can form a successful partnership with Neymar in Qatar.

They are two great players. Being Brazilians, we lean much more towards those who come from our country, from Brazil. Vinicius Junior is having a lot of fun and we are very happy because he is Brazilian, because he is a great person. A very smart young man. But there are many good players all over the world. Mbappé is also having a great time. I wish you good luck. He’s a very nice person. But, as Brazilians, we have Neymar and Vinicius Junior and we always hope that they do your best” said.


Despite his friendship with Messi, Ronaldinho Gaúcho hopes that the Argentine does not lift the Cup title in Qatar. Excited about the current generation in Brazil, the ace believes that Tite’s team can win the dreamed hexa at the end of the year.

As I am a great friend of Messi, all his victories make me happy. I hope he still wins many matches, wins as many titles as possible and is happy in his life. But I hope Brazil becomes world champion again. We haven’t been (champions) for several years. And as Roberto Carlos said, we are in a good dynamic. Brazil is back as a favorite in a World Cup with great players and very good dynamics. So I’m rooting for Brazil hoping they win the World Cup again“, he stated.

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