RTV subscription. There are last few days to take advantage of the preferential settlement

The RTV subscription can be paid on preferential terms

However, the people who will pay the subscription by January 25, 2022 for the entire year, they can count on a preferential rate. The annual sum will decrease by 10%. compared to the amount we would have paid in total if we had chosen the monthly payment option (i.e. within 12 months we would have paid PLN 90 for a radio and PLN 294 for a TV set).

This does not mean, however, that no reductions were provided for later. On the contrary, people who pay for the subscription for several months can also benefit from preferential rates.


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After taking into account the discounts, the fee for using the radio for two months will be PLN 14.60, for three months PLN 21.60, for half a year – PLN 42.80, and for a year – PLN 81. In the case of a TV set, the fees are as follows: PLN 47.50, PLN 70.60, PLN 139.70 and PLN 264.60.

Here, however, comes a catch. To take advantage of the preferential rates, the fee must be paid by the 25th of each month.


Readers complain about the obligation to pay the RTV subscription

The reader drew attention to the problem of the increasing fee for the RTV subscription. In the message she sent, she indicated that today she is paying a total of PLN 294 (PLN 24.50 every month). This means that over the decade the amount of the fee has increased by PLN 72.

In 2012, Poles had to pay PLN 222 for having a TV set. When selecting the “in advance” payment option for the entire year – PLN 199.80, which is PLN 64.80 less than today.

However, for one radio set we paid PLN 5.50 every month, i.e. annually PLN 66. This is PLN 24 less than today. In the option of paying for the entire year, the subscription fee was PLN 59.40 – PLN 21.60 less.


“But then there were no subsidies to TVP and Polish Radio from the state budget. Well, subsidies of PLN 2 billion!” – our reader notes.

RTV subscription – Poles have a legal obligation to pay for it

From the moment of purchase or receiving a TV or radio as a gift we have 14 days by law to report the device at the post office. After that, we will receive a bank account number to which we will make payments.

RTV subscription, in accordance with the law you have to pay in advance for the entire billing period. The deadline for payment of the annual fee is January 25th. Those who decide to pay in installments, it is the 25th day of the month. The penalty for not paying the subscription is PLN 735.


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