Ruby ter trial, Karima in the classroom: ‘For me it was all a nightmare’ – Lombardia

‘I hope the affair ends soon, I want my peaceful life back’ he said

“My wish is that this affair is closed as soon as possible, because it was a great nightmare, and to get my life back and to be able to live it peacefully”. She told reporters as she left the Ruby ter Karima El Mahroug courtroom. “It is evident to everyone that I carry a brand, a Scarlet Letter – she added. I have always been afraid of being exploited and I think you can understand it”. When asked about Berlusconi, you replied that you didn’t want to say anything else.

Ruby ter, Karima: ‘A great nightmare, I want my life back’

“For me it was a really exciting day – explained Karima to reporters – it is the first time that I feel defended in a classroom like this, I never felt really defended, not even at the time when I was a victim”. And again: “This day was really important for me”.
To those who asked her questions about Berlusconi, the young woman replied: “I don’t want to say anything else, too much has been said”. And he explained that he had always been “afraid of being exploited and I think you can understand”.
At the end of the harangue, in which the defense wanted to show that she never lied and that she never took money from the former premier to keep quiet or to tell the false, the lawyer Jacopo Pensa said looking her in the eyes: ” I wish you, dear Karima, the good luck to find third-party judges, equidistant, just, who must contribute to the right judgment, good luck Karima! “.

Ruby ter, Karima in the courtroom in Milan for the harangue of his defenders