“Russia condemned to isolation: this is Putin’s grave mistake”

A serious mistake by Putin. A damage for Russia but also for Western countries which, before the war, had good relations with Moscow. Faced with yet another and further international threat from the head of the Kremlin, Silvio Berlusconi he did not hide his concern. Thus, in an interview with Fanpage, the Forza Italia leader commented on the recent developments of one geopolitical situation increasingly complex, with respect to which we need steadfast nerves and a will to resolve.

The international crisis and Putin’s mistakes

In this regard, the Knight also said he was ideally ready to become a peace mediator again. As in the past. “If I were really called to play a role in the next government, I would invite Putin to reflect on the substantial isolation to which he has condemned himself and his country. It is indeed a serious damage to Russia, not just immediate damage but perspective“, declared Berlusconi, explaining that the Russian president is doing damage to his country not only military, but also and above all political. “The sanctions have caused a reduction of the Russian GDP by around 8-10%, have increased the number of poor people. The abandonment of Russia by all Western companies has caused thousands and thousands of unemployed“.

Furthermore – the former Prime Minister analyzed and continued – on the international level “the good relations that existed between Russia and many countries of the European Union, which now instead find themselves united against Russia itself, have failed. Finally, the approach to China that is a consequence of all this does not seem to me a good thing for the Russian Federation“.

The electoral challenge and the proposals for Italy

In his conversation with Fanpage, however, the Knight also focused on the upcoming electoral challenge. “The left thinks the only problem is redistributing existing wealth, and never mind if the pie is too small. Instead, we want to prepare a bigger and bigger cake, so that there are slices for everyone“, he explained, relaunching his salient proposals for the country: flat tax 23% for all, abolition of preventive authorizations, justice reform, increase in minimum pensions to 1000 euros. “They are used for growth“, observed the Knight, noting the need for”offer young people adequate permanent work with decent wages“.

Still referring to the issues of work, Berlusconi recalled his will to act on two levels: that against the precarious and that in favor of those who do business. Among the Forza Italia proposals listed by the former premier, those of “raise to at least 1000 euros salaries for all precarious work, fixed-term contracts, first employment contracts, apprenticeships, compensating employers with tax deductions and contributory“. But above all – continued the Knight – the goal is”incentivize companies to offer stable contracts. To this end, we will abolish all taxes and contributions for the first 2-3 years on all permanent contracts for boys and girls in their first employment.“.

The relationship with Salvini and Meloni

Still on the political front, the president of Forza Italia praised his coalition comrades, Salvini and Meloni. “Any attempt to pit the three center-right leaders against each other is surely doomed to fail. The three of us have been together for 28 years, we are not like the left that changes alliances, especially lately, every 28 days“, Berlusconi affirmed in the interview with Fanpage, reaffirming at the same time the differences that characterize the components of the coalition. “We are different from them. We are the liberals, the Catholics, the pro-Europeans, the guarantors, the atlantists, we are the Italian section of the European People’s Party. This is why I often say that the vote for us is the only rational vote for a moderate, a liberal, a anti-communist“. On the communicative level, Berlusconi appreciated the skill of his allies (who chose the slogans”Ready” And “I believe“for the election campaign) but at the same time remarked:”We are liberals, liberals have no watchwords“.

Success on TikTok

On the eve of the vote, Berlusconi thus reiterated his willingness to put himself back at the service of the country. “For ten years I have had the honor of representing my country in the world. I am the only human being to have chaired the G8 three times …“, he recalled, but adding an ironic final note referring to his recent social success on TikTok:”There is a rookie which is achieving major success. In his first video ever he got almost 10 million views and already has, after a few days, 600 thousand people who follow him stably. I’m trying to remind me of the name of this guy … oh yeah, I forgot, I think his name is Silvio Berlusconi …

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