Russia does not want Ukraine in NATO – that’s nothing. Blinken ensures: The alliance door will remain open

Blinken, referring to the talks between the US, NATO and Russia on, inter alia, the risk of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, reiterated the declaration of the American administration that the Alliance is and will be open to new members.

He announced that the time had come to evaluate the conduct of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Will it choose the path of diplomacy and dialogue to resolve some of these problems, or will it continue to choose confrontation and aggression?” – added.

As for Putin’s declaration of will to avoid conflict, the head of US diplomacy said that the Russian leader “has been doing everything for several years” to bring about such a confrontation.

Blinken commented on the US-Russia talks and the NATO-Russia Council meeting held in Geneva and Brussels in recent days.

After the meeting of the NATO Council and the Russian delegation on Wednesday, US deputy head of diplomacy Wendy Sherman announced that the US and NATO allies jointly rejected major Russian security proposals. She added that it is still unclear whether Russia is serious about diplomatic negotiations.

The US secretary of state also said in an interview on Thursday that North Korea’s missile tests are “very dangerous and destabilizing.” He said Pyongyang had not responded to US diplomatic initiatives, even though the US had made it clear that it had no hostile intentions towards the regime and was willing to engage in talks without preconditions.

The United States and its allies are focused on ensuring its own security, and North Korea will be held accountable for its armaments, Blinken emphasized.

President Joe Biden’s administration imposed sanctions on Pyongyang on Wednesday over his latest missile tests from last week. The restrictions apply to six North Korean nationals and a Russian and a Russian company for their participation in the development of the North Korean regime’s missile and weapons program.

Source:, PAP

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