Russia. Explosion at Listwiażnaja mine. Over 50 fatalities

Previously, it was reported that 14 people were killed – 11 miners and three rescuers, and over 35 are missing.

The rescue operation, carried out at a depth of 250 meters underground, was interrupted on Thursday afternoon due to the risk of an explosion; rescuers rode to the surface.

According to Interfax, the miners had six-hour oxygen supplies that could be extended by several hours, but they would have run out late Thursday night anyway.

The inspection services reported on Thursday morning about the appearance of smoke, followed by an explosion in one of the mine shafts in southwestern Siberia. At the time of the accident, 287 people were underground, and 237 escaped from the mine.

Explosion of methane the initial cause

According to the deputy prosecutor general of Russia, Dmitry Demeszyn, a methane explosion was initially identified as the cause of the catastrophe in the mine.

The TASS agency informed, citing a source close to the investigation into the crash, that two people were detained – the mine director and his deputy.

Listvizhnaya mine was not on the list of dangerous mines

After a 2016 methane explosion at a mine in the Russian High North that killed 36 miners, authorities analyzed the safety of 58 coal mines and concluded that 20 of them, or 34%, were potentially unsafe. Listwiażnaja Mine was not explored at that time.

The Technical Inspection Agency (Rostekhnadzor) said on Thursday evening that more than 900 violations had been recorded in the mine this year; nine times her work was interrupted.

– In 2021, 127 inspections were carried out at the mine, during which 914 violations were recorded, the total amount of fines exceeded 4 million rubles – reported the representative of the agency Andrei Wil.

The explosion in the Listwiażnaja mine took place earlier in October 2004; 13 people were killed in the methane explosion. The media also reminds us of the 1981 outbreak in which five people lost their lives.

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