Russia is putting the matter on the edge of a knife. Either they surrender or a foray

Russia is threatening Facebook, Google, Apple, TikTok, Spotify and Discord

Russia intends to tame foreign technology giants. The largest companies in the industry received an ultimatum from the local authorities. It applies to Google, Apple, Facebook, Discord, TikTok, Twitter and Spotify.

The whole world is wondering how to deal with too much influence from tech giants. This problem does not bypass the European Union at all, so it is no wonder that it is also particularly concerned Russia.

Our neighbor’s authorities have decided that the biggest internet giants must obey Russian law. What is the best way to ensure this? Moscow simply wants to force all the big companies of this type to establishment of official seats in Russia.

It is much easier to deal with someone locally than on another continent. The obligation is to apply to all players in this industry with over 500,000 users in Russia.

For the war against the giants

So the list includes only big names: Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, Spotify, Discord if TikTok. All of them have already had problems with the Russian authorities.

Most often it was about Russian demands for censorship. Apple, on the other hand, has problems for abusing its dominant position in the App Store.

What penalties is Russia preparing for those who fail to comply? The range is very wide: from limiting advertising or payments, through prohibiting the transmission of personal data, to prohibition of activity in Russia.

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