Russia is threatening Moldova with turning off the gas tap

Moldova and Russia signed a new gas contract at the end of October, as the previous one expired in September. It provides for the supply of 3 billion cubic meters of Russian gas to Moldova annually.

Moldova announced that in November it will pay for gas from Russia $ 450 per 1 thousand. six m. raw material; in December, the price is expected to drop to $ 400. Under the previous contract, the price was $ 250 per 1 thousand. cubic meters

After the previous agreement expired at the end of September, the gas shortage forced Moldova to introduce a state of emergency in the energy sector. At that time, Gazprom agreed to extend the existing contract for one month – to October – at a higher price than before. The company also announced that it would suspend gas supplies to Moldova if it fails to settle its financial obligations to Gazprom.

Alina Merlicz, the spokeswoman for Moldovan deputy prime minister Andrei Spin, who held talks with Gazprom, announced on Monday evening that the Moldovan government had not received a notification from Gazprom that gas supplies might be suspended.

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