Russia is threatening to accuse the American astronaut of damaging Soyuz

The Russian space program is crumbling more and more, their military forces have compromised themselves and caused problems with a thoughtlessly conducted anti-satellite weapon test, and in the increasingly leaky Roscosmos the fun continues, almost like on the Titanic.

PR in Russian

After criticism fell on Russia from almost all sides for the unfortunate ASAT test and creating a threat to the International Space Station, among others, with Russian astronauts aboard Roscosmos, he decided to go on a PR offensive. The only idea that Rogozin and co has is to try to show that everyone else is bad.

However, since there is no evidence of such idiotic actions as in the case of Roscosmos, the Russians decided to prepare them for themselves, compromising themselves even more. The most powerful shot is the announcement that the agency has completed several years of investigation into the damage to the hull of the Soyuz MS-09, which was discovered in August 2018 while it was docked with the ISS. The case even appeared in the mainstream media because it could depressurize the stations.

There is a hole, there is a problem

Fortunately, the problem was dealt with quickly, epoxy resin helped, but the problem remained as to what caused the damage. The initially most suspicious impact of a micrometeorite was ruled out, the damage turned out to be a “borehole” with a diameter of 2 mm surrounded by traces of drill blows in the vicinity.

The Russians tried to play the matter already then, though rather not officially. The services spread a rumor in the newspapers that the damage was to be done by the American astronaut Serena Auñón-Cancellor, who due to a mental breakdown that occurred after a thrombosis appeared in her orbit. NASA has long ignored these rumors as too absurd, while various experts have described the reports as completely idiotic. The claim that an astronaut on the ISS could unnoticed penetrate a pressurized module is simply a fantasy.

It’s not us

Interestingly, before Rogozin’s message spread around the world, several Russian newspapers wrote that the problem was probably due to a manufacturing error in the Russian factory. Most likely, the person responsible for making the nearby holes drilled the wrong plane and then “secured” the wrong bore with something that was at hand.

The Russians said it was true that the ship was being tested on Earth in a vacuum chamber to detect leaks. It has been “forgotten”, however, that the makeshift plug could collapse under the influence of exposure to space conditions. This is very likely, unlike an unauthorized space walk with a drill in your hand.

Cosmic romance

However, it seems that on board Roscosmos, budget cuts are flooded with more and more high-percentage alcoholic beverages, as the Russians have embarked on a more official offensive, while changing the narrative to an even more absurd one. This time they accuse Auñón-Cancellor of drilling the hole due to a breakdown after an unsuccessful romantic relationship with another crew member …

As if that were not enough, Roscosmos’s twitter profile began reporting information about garbage allegedly threatening the ISS, emphasizing that the Russian agency was on the watch. Of course, the information concerned the American garbage that did not threaten the ISS, and the rubble after the ASAT test was not even mentioned.

Final divorce?

The recently escalating Russian provocations and dangerous actions clearly show that the disintegration of NASA’s poor cooperation with Roscosmos is coming faster and faster. The question is what and when will happen to the ISS. Although it is the Russian modules that are falling apart more and more and it is the Russians who generate threats and conflicts, the United States may suffer more. The ‘door’ of the Chinese station under construction will be wide open for Russia, the Americans have no alternative yet …

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