Russia, rapper Walkie takes his own life so as not to go to war: “I’m not ready to kill”

“I’m not ready to kill”: these are the words of the Russian rapper Ivan Petuninknown as Walkie, who took his own life to protest the war in Ukraine. A tragedy foretold on the channels Telegram of the artist, who in a video message (later deleted) explained: «If you are watching this video, then I am no longer alive. <...> On my soul I feel the sin of murder, I cannot and do not want to take this responsibility. I’m not ready to kill for any ideal. ‘

Due to health problems (he was undergoing neuropsychological treatment), Petunin had received a provisional exemption from military service. Nonetheless, he was sure that he would sooner or later be called to arms, as part of the partial mobilization decided by Vladimir Putin which, according to the 27-year-old, would soon become “complete”. “I choose to remain forever in history, as a man who did not support what was happening and protested to the last,” added Petunin. His body was found near a multi-storey building on Kongressnaya Street, a Krasnodar.

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