Russia, the independent media Meduza: “Air tickets to Turkey and Armenia sold out after partial mobilization”

Airline tickets sold out from Russia towards Istanbul, in Turkey and Yerevan, in Armenia. It is the effect of Vladimir Putin’s speech, which he announced the partial mobilization of Russian citizens. This was announced by the independent newspaper Meduza. They were in fact called to arms further 300,000 mennecessary according to the Kremlin for “the liberation of the Donbass territories” which “remains the unshakable goal”, declared Putin.

The fear is that the Kremlin’s next step could be general mobilization and consequently the closure of borders for Russian citizens. This, according to the Russian newspaper, has prompted many people to buy tickets to the cities of Turkey and Armenia, among the few destinations to be connected to Russia with a direct flight.

Putin, despite the decision to bring to the battlefield all “those who have served in the armed forces, have certain military specializations and relevant experience will be subject to conscription”, continues to call what is happening in Ukraine “special military operation “. According to polls released by the Moscow government, i consents towards the military operation they are over 70% and towards the president they exceed 80%.


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