Russia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hopes for a Putin-Biden summit in the coming days

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday that it hopes that a summit between Russian and US presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden will take place in the coming days, Interfax reported.

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“We hope that the contact between the two presidents will take place in the coming days,” he said Russia’s deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov on state television, answering a question from the host of the program about when the Russian-American summit could be held.

Ryabkov stressed that the date of the meeting has not been set yet, because it is difficult to find a common date in the calendars of both presidents. He noted, however, that “contact is very necessary, because we have multiplying problems”.

– There is no progress in bilateral issues, which are increasingly entering the phase of acute crisis, there is no mutual understanding as de-escalate the situation in Europe. And there are other things, too, he explained.

– The only area where our relations are improving is the START system, within which normal work begins. But presidents need to give us and their teams a boost to go further on other issues. The situation in Europe is very worrying, said Ryabkov.

The deputy head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the administration USA “is watching closely what Russia is doing” in the context of the tense situation around Ukraine, as well as the escalation of the migration crisis in Eastern Europe, it is therefore necessary to stabilize relations between Moscow and Washington.

– We take it calmly. After all, the presidents are people overly busy with important matters, but their services responsible for graphics will certainly find windows, and we will make an appointment. This is very much needed to send a political signal that the situation is not hopeless, but is stabilizing, and that subordinates on both sides need instructions and directives to work towards stabilization, Ryabkov said. The only meeting so far Biden and Putin was held in mid-June in Geneva.

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