Russia-Ukraine war, Moscow: “16 thousand militiamen from the Middle East ready to support us. Many fought against Isis”

It is not yet clear which countries they come from, which militias or armies they are linked to, but according to the Russian Defense Minister, Serghei Shoiguare well 16 thousand volunteers ready from Middle East to fight alongside the Russian military engaged in the military operation in Ukraineespecially in the areas of the self-proclaimed independence republics of Donetsk And Luhansk. “We are receiving – announced the minister quoted by Interfax – a colossal number of requests from various types of volunteers from various countries who want to go to the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics to join what they call a liberation movement. The largest number comes from the Middle East, from where we have received 16,000 requests ”.

After the support of the militiamen sent by the Chechnya by its leader Ramzan Kadyrovclose ally of Vladimir Putinsupport for the invasion ordered by the Kremlin it also comes from the south. The countries of origin have not been specified, but what is certain is that a large slice of militiamen comes from Syriaa historic ally of Moscow that it managed to keep in power Bashar al-Assad thanks to the military intervention to prevent the rebels, in part also made up of jihadist militiamen Islamic state And al-Qaeda, overthrow the regime. In that way, Russia managed to save the president’s leadership and secure control of the airports of Tartus And Latakia, fundamental outlets on the Mediterranean. This hypothesis is partially confirmed by Shoigu’s reference to Isis: “We obviously believe that it is right to answer these questions – he said, thus officially opening up to Middle Eastern support -, as these people do not want money but speak from the heart” and have fought the jihadists. With the Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, who pointed out: “Defense Minister Shoigu mainly spoke of those candidates who applied from the Middle East, from Syria. Consequently, there was no mention of Russian volunteers ”.

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