Russia was planning a coup in Ukraine? NATO warns

“Russia’s use of force against Ukraine will have consequences,” Stoltenberg said ahead of a meeting with the foreign ministers of NATO’s 30 member states to begin on November 30 in Latvia.

The Ukrainian authorities informed about the concentration of approx. 90 thousand Russian soldiers near the border of both countries. Intelligence data also point to the existence of specific plans to suggest another Russian invasion of Ukraine this winter.

– This is the second time this year that Russia is amassing a huge number of its troops in the region – noted Stoltenberg, pointing to the presence of tanks, artillery, armored units, drones, equipment enabling radio-electronic warfare and combat-ready soldiers.

– The concentration of troops is groundless and difficult to explain. It leads to tension and carries the risk of making a mistake. Russia’s intentions are unclear, and we are dealing with a country that has attacked Ukraine before, added NATO’s Secretary General.

Referring to the deployment of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said his country “has been at war for eight years.” – When it comes to a large-scale incursion or a continuation of escalation by Russia or the militants it supports, I believe it can happen every day – he added.

Zelenskiy announced on Friday that Ukrainian intelligence had discovered a Russian plan to carry out a coup d’état in Ukraine. The Russian government has denied these allegations.

The administration of the United States was also involved in the case. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan held an interview with the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak, on Friday, during which they both agreed that “all sides” should make efforts to de-escalate tensions.


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