Ryan Reynolds spent $ 3 million without telling Blake Lively: “We’re still working on it”

Ryan Reynolds recently admitted that he infuriated Blake Lively after spending nearly $ 3 million without his knowledge to buy a Welsh football team.

Ryan Reynolds found himself having to beg to make peace with his wife, Blake Livelyfor a reason that many couples may find familiar: he spent a significant amount of money (nearly $ 3 million) without discussing it with his partner and mother of his children.

Obviously Reynolds’ spending is very different from that of an average couple: the 45-year-old actor revealed to Jimmy Kimmel Live that he spent $ 2.75 million to buy a Welsh football team without revealing it to his wife before the transaction. was completed.

Many counselors have taken the opportunity to state that all couples can learn a lesson from the A-lister mistake: you should always discuss all important financial decisions with your partner before making them.

Ryan Reynolds bought Wrexham AFC with Rob McElhenney in February 2021: “I said to my wife, ‘I have bad news and really bad news.’ The first is that I have slipped into someone’s direct messages again. The second is that I may have bought half of a fifth tier football team in Wales. ‘ We’re still working on it, he didn’t take it well.

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