Ryback again against CM Punk in WWE: “I’ll explain why he didn’t go to AEW”

After years in which the two former WWE wrestlers accused each other of being unprofessional in their WWE stint, the two former protagonists of the main event of the McMahon federation, CM Punk, current analyst and columnist for the Fox on WWE Backstage and Ryback, former federation destruction machine, which had a big push as a destroyer despite never having won a lot in the kingdoms of the McMahon court.

During his last personal podcast, in fact, the former owner of the famous brand “Feed Me More”, has increased the dose towards his former archenemy, the Second City Savior of Chicago, CM Punk, saying he knows with certainty what is the motivation that prompted the former WWE Champion to go back on a WWE license after years of absolute nothing related to wrestling. 
In the last episode of his ” Conversation with the Big Guy “, Ryback said: 

” CM Punk, with this strange dynamic, which at first glance seemed to have nothing to do with pro wrestling anymore, returns all of a drawn to talk about WWE.

And as I said, I believe there is a strange game at stake, where he goes there and shoots at everyone, saying things in a negative way and pulling me ** over everyone, about what he sees and the things that he does not like them and he is also authorized to give his opinion on the most disparate things.

And the FOX is allowing it, in a situation where he will be able to get back in the ring and have that famous Wrestlemania main event that he really wanted. This is what I think will happen and this is what I think happened to not have gone to AEW.

Apparently, Ryback’s is a common thought that has touched the minds of tens and hundreds of fans around the world. Fans who still hope to see at least once or the last stint of the former Voice of the Voiceless in the WWE rings and who have never stopped praising and singing the name of Punk in all the shows of the federation, even in the less opportune moments. Who knows if sooner or later they will be satisfied by the person concerned and by the WWE management.

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