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Sorry, but what happened to the renewal of Skriniar? Because in the schedule and on the front page there are the (complicated) contractual situations of Leao and Zaniolodue in 2024, rather than the most imminent one (2023) of the Slovakian defender?

“Transferable for 70 million, non-transferable for one euro less”: Skriniar spent the summer with this formula devised by Marotta to say it is not clear what, but to imply that – in case of permanence at Inter – he would have immediately renewed and extended the contract. Instead… One month has passed, September, and so there are just nine left until the deadline of 30 June 2023, when Skriniar will be / would be free at zero. Meanwhile, of course, while dispensing love and attachment to the shirt, he will ask for a salary that matches both what PSG offers him and what his teammate Brozovic takes. In short, keeping Skriniar costs money. Much. Is it worth it?

It would have been better to ask “is it convenient?” in the days when the PSG appeared to buy it. Now it’s late. With Skriniar what will happen in Naples soon with the newfound Meret (2023) and probably then to Milan with Leao and to Rome with Zaniolo is about to happen. A few months later, everyone has their own Dybala that you do not know what to do and how to renew. And whatever you do, you’re sure (at least a little bit) wrong.

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