Sale, from Le Figaro to Onze: Al Thani wants Sampdoria

Sale of Sampdoria, French newspapers launch the news at home: Al Thani wants to buy the Sampdoria company.

The news that Khalid Faleh Al Thani want to buy Sampdoria is now quite widespread and is starting to circulate even outside Italy, where instead national newspapers have not yet talked about it. The letter from the Qatari emir has been received and made public especially in France, where the ties of the Qatari royal family run deep. And where, not for nothing, Francesco Di Silvio met the Arab investor intending to buy the Sampdoria company.

In France, where for example the press does not write news about the Qatari royal family without his consentthe news was also reported by several media outlets, such as the prestigious one Le Figaro or Onze Mondial. A fact that would give rise to the validity of the news and the real intention by Al Thani to acquire Sampdoria.

Sale of Sampdoria, in France confirms Al Thani’s interest

sale of sampdoria to thani
Sale, from Le Figaro to Onze: Al Thani wants Sampdoria

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In France, however, they know the family of the Qatari emir well, because his Qatar Sports Investments owns PSG since 2011, team well known throughout Europe for its solidity and corporate wealth. And therefore the transalpine media relaunch that the acquisition of Sampdoria would have been wanted by the emir himself, Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thanithrough his family member Khalid Faleh.

And of course the mediation of Francesco Di Silvio, who introduced the member of the Qatari royal family to the Sampdoria world by convincing him to invest in society. From France, therefore, confirmations arrive on the concrete interest of potential Sampdoria buyers.

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