Salman Rushdie “conscious, get better”. The prosecutor: planned gesture –

from Viviana Mazza

Decisive hours but the doctors are hoping. The Iranian agency Fars: die. The assailant: I not guilty

NEW YORK – Salman Rushdie “is conscious, is breathing 90% autonomously, brain activity is normal”, sources close to the writer say. It is not excluded that in the next few hours the doctors “will try to remove the ventilatory assistance”. After the serious injuries sustained in the attack on Friday morning, on the stage of a cultural event, the writer fought for his life. His literary agent said the day before yesterday that he “will probably lose an eye” and has suffered nerve damage in one arm and liver.

On Friday morning, Hadi Matar stabbed Rushdie 10 times in the neck and abdomen at the festival amphitheater in Chautauqua, a small town of four thousand souls in New York State. The local prosecutor said this yesterday during the preliminary hearing, in which Matar was indicted for attempted second degree murder and armed assaultand was remanded in custody without bail. The prosecutor described the attack as premeditated and targeted: Matar arrived by bus and bought a ticket for the Rushdie event. With handcuffs on his wrists, in a black and white jumpsuit, orange shoes and a white mask, the twenty-four-year-old Californian of Lebanese origin did not say a word; through his lawyer he pleaded “not guilty“. The next hearing is scheduled for August 19.

“I am grateful to the rescue personnel and the courageous individuals who immediately intervened to help Salman Rushdie and to block the assailant,” said President Joe Biden in a long note released yesterday. Salman Rushdie, with his insight into humanity, his unparalleled sense of history, his refusal to be intimidated or silenced, represents essential, universal values. Truth. Courage. Resilience. The ability to share ideas without fear. These are the building blocks of any free and open societyto”.

While Iran’s conservative newspapers celebrated the attack (the agency Fars wished him to “kick the bucket”), wishes for a speedy recovery continue to come from Western leaders, such as outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Justin Trudeau, the High Representative for Foreign Policy of ‘EU Josep Borrell, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

Readers have chosen to show solidarity in another way: last night three editions of The Satanic Verses, the 1988 book for which Rushdie received the fatwa of Imam Ruhollah Khomeini condemning him to death, have climbed the Amazon sales “barometer” (which tracks stocks that have been growing over the past 24 hours). The children of midnight, Rushdie’s first bestseller, was in fourth place. Strand Bookstore, the famous New York independent bookstore, also registered many visitors, many people were looking for Rushdie’s writings, many others simply wanted to talk about how they felt and what had happened.

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