salt water

An additional side of the problem is the incredible insensitivity of the authorities on this issue. From the president of the OSE, affirming, loose from the body, that the water is not potable, but it is potable, the vice-president of the organization, calling on not to buy Coca-Cola, ruling party officials ink against a fictitious The members of the conspiracy in front of all the titles to charge, as if they had agreed to slander that the water was not potable and not even fit for drinking to a fellow.

The lack of reflection of the hierarchy, which in statements now denied, but in real time, suggested flavoring the water with mint or rosemary, so that the children drank it equally, contrary to the motion of the municipality of Montevideo, Joe quickly agreed with Cambadu on a bottled water distribution mechanism for users of the municipal polyclinic. Mayor Köse’s response was strongly criticized by the ruling party, as if the distribution of drinking water was democracy or electoral clientelism and not an essential measure of attention to citizens, but it was widely supported by the people, who observed that The officials of the department are determined to face the problem with concrete, correct and appropriate measures as left.

There may be many among our rulers who have never drank tap water, who cannot get past their subtle experience of bottled water and who do not realize the importance of running water for human consumption. Perhaps this gap in consumption patterns gives rise to its deep misunderstanding and explains the slowness in adopting the measures needed to compensate and reduce losses.

It is a sign that they do not know the society they govern, but a specimen of wonderful eloquence.

Now one has to wonder whether this incident, which we hope is fleeting, is not a strong argument against the Neptuno project that the government chose against the opinion of the technical reports, because now everyone can feel it on their palate. Maybe a future warning of drawing water from the de la Plata River, a river with acceptable salinity for a good part of the year. They would do well to button up this sample before embarking on a privatization project, which is environmentally complex and will likely offer us salt water for several months out of the year.

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