“Salvation? We can do it. On saved penalties …”

Audero on wallpaper refills

«An increase in penalties is there for all to see, but it is necessary to analyze who is the penalty taker and what is the progress of the team in question. The truth? If kicked well, it is difficult to parry. Then there is also that annoying rule for which a foot must stay on the line … ».

On Stankovic

“He asked us first of all to come up with something more on the character level, not to be passive, tactics remained in the background. If the desire is right, the rest falls into place. He often tells us: “I may even die, but I decide how”. A beautiful metaphor ».

On the goal of Sampdoria

«The conditions are there. I hope to arrive in double figures when the championship stops (now Sampdoria is at 6, ed). One win is enough and you are in the fray. Not being last visually helps now. I remember my first year at Juve: after a difficult moment a victory came and it was the turning point. If the right contact is made between the coach and the team, we can do it ».

On corporate difficulties

«The fans have different opinions, they ask me, but I know nothing about a subject that has always remained outside the locker room. I don’t know if the championship would have been different, with a new ownership already at the start of the season. Talking about it now, however, would not make sense ».

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