Sam Asghari is Britney Spears’ FEIKA boyfriend? The theory has more and more fans

Asghari himself appears more and more in the media and Instagram of Britney Spears. The star’s boyfriend is eager to answer journalists’ questions, and recently he even managed to become an actor and join the “Fast and Furious” team. Many fans say that Sam is Britney’s biggest support, but at the same time more and more people suspect that it’s actually her … freak boyfriend!

Conspiracy theories do not leave Britney Spears from the very beginning of the guardianship. There are tons of untested stories and speculations about the star, and one of the longest-running rumors is about her boyfriend. Asghari himself is related to Britney Spears since 2016. The artist met him on the set of the music video “Slumber Party” and she fell in love with him at first sight.

In any case, this is the official version of this love story. Because many people think that Sam Asghari only plays the role of Britney Spears’ boyfriend!

Where do these assumptions come from?

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Sam Asghari is Britney’s fake boyfriend?

When we review the singer’s Instagram with numerous posts featuring Sam Asghari, most of us will probably say that this guy is all sweetness and a godsend for an enslaved artist. It’s actually hard to find entries where Brit would say a single bad word about her boyfriend.

Take, for example, the latest post of the star.

This sweet asshole has not only been with me for all the hardest years of my life, but it turns out that he is also a good cook 👨🏽‍🍳! Ekipo Fast & Furious do not miss your next star 🌟🏎️👗🤓 !!!!

Britney Spears writes praising her boyfriend.

But it is enough to skip to the comments to see that even the artist’s biggest fans have doubts about Sam Asghari.

@samasghari I can’t wait to find out that you are a fake boy 😮

– we read in one of the first comments under the singer’s post. Similar voices almost always come up when Britney mentions her boyfriend.

Where do these conspiracy theories come from?

The matter seems simple. Some fans do not believe why the father Britney Spears, who for many years did not allow his daughter even such obvious things as a visit to the gynecologist (this is due to the singer’s testimony), somehow would allow regular meetings with a guy who, in addition, criticizes him publicly. As the guardian of Britney, Jamie Spears could simply forbid Sam from visitingand his daughter couldn’t help it …

Does it make sense or is it a far-fetched theory? Let me know, what do you think about Britney Spears boyfriend and vote in our poll!

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