Sampdoria sale, Francesco Console: we are closing

The escrow agent who is handling the sale of Sampdoria, Francesco Console, has released new statements exclusively to ClubDoria46

Francesco Consul, the escrow agent who is handling the sale of Sampdoria to Sheikh Khalid Faleh Al Thani, reached by telephone by ClubDoria46, he wanted to firmly reiterate that the negotiation is going on for the best.

Console specified how, after the failure to purchase the Salerno by the consortium of Francesco Di Silvio, has been contacted by the latter for Sampdoria:

About a month ago I was contacted by Di Silvio who asked me: “Do you want to take the job to follow this thing?”. I replied that I did not want to repeat the Salernitana thing. I don’t want to arrive at the last minute without knowing what to do. I received the assignment directly, requested by Di Silvio, by Sheikh Al Thani and we are proceeding with Vidal in the best way.

Closing is near and just today Console And Gianluca Vidal, trustee of Sampdoria, were on the phone to exchange more information:

We are in the process of closing and all this bullshit that I read is only disturbing the work that is being done. This morning I was on the phone with Vidal, where we exchanged information and documents relating to the case in question and we are moving forward.

Consul also confirmed that bank guarantees on the personal assets of Al Thani, which hovers around the billion euros.

Sale of Sampdoria, Consul: I don’t understand all this fake news

EXCLUSIVE – Sampdoria sale, Francesco Console: we are closing

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A Consul very annoyed by some fake news that are turning on the negotiation for the sale of the Sampdoria. Including the one about an alleged American group interested in the club, immediately denied by the escrow agent:

I do not understand why that we are closing things come out that disturb the negotiation and we also talked about it with Vidal. As it happens, when the deal is about to close, the gossip or the negotiation of the sale of Sampdoria to an American group comes out. This morning they called me to find out if there was an American group that was talking to Vidal. Coincidentally we were on the phone one in Mestre and the other in Turin. They are really fake news. Or maybe you fly, but I can’t figure out who and what from.

Everything is going well. With Console who reiterates, once again, who are the only ones responsible for giving information on the negotiation between Sampdoria and Al Thani:

Everything is going well. The only people in charge of giving information are me and Vidal. If Di Silvio says something he has full title because he wanted me in this negotiation and Al Thani gave him the mandate. Only I, who represent Di Silvio, and Vidal can give certain opinions.

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