Sampdoria, Stankovic focuses on Caputo and Gabbiadini

The smart working technician, only today the first Idea Gabbiadini training session from 1 ‘Saturday in Bologna

First day of work as (almost) Sampdoria, yesterday, for Dejan Stankovic, spent in fact in … smart working from Milan, waiting for the complicated bureaucratic procedures for his registration to come to an end in the late evening. Today the Serbian coach will be able to officially (and finally) begin his Italian adventure on the Sampdoria bench.

A step at a time

Deki’s idea is that of a gradual approach at a tactical level to propose (and not impose) his concepts to a locker room that first of all needs to regain some of the self-esteem lost in this bitter start to the season. His predecessor, Marco Giampaolo, had started his season on the basis of the 4-1-4-1 (with Vieira and then Villar play low in front of the defense) module then alternated with the 4-3-3 (against Lazio, at fourth day and in the last home match against Monza) and the 4-3-1-2 in Verona, with Sabiri behind Caputo and Quagliarella. Stankovic has already analyzed in depth the past modules and the composition of the current squad, and should start from his 4-2-3-1, the game system that he has used most in the last three seasons at the helm of the Red Star. And which, among other things, would guarantee players to start from already known defensive mechanisms. So, Bereszynski and Augello full backs, with the Murillo-Colley duo at the center of the defense.

Double median

The changes, of form and of men, would start here, with Rincon and Villar strong candidates to be the two midfielders in charge of connecting the start of the game towards the three men who will support the only striker deployed. To date, Caputo is strongly suspected of retaining his starting position (with Quagliarella and Pussetto ready to give their contribution). Stankovic intends to exploit the experience of the captain (who was twenty-six years old and was Stankovic’s opponent – with Napoli – in the year of the Nerazzurri treble) even off the pitch. The Serbian has not been a fundamentalist in the last three years, despite a roadmap (in terms of league wins and goals scored) as a coach who prefers the attacking game. But it is precisely this flexibility of him that can help Sampdoria in this moment to find themselves on and off the field.

Almost obligatory choices

Among the three men to be deployed on the trocar, Stankovic at the moment does not have great choices: Gabbiadini and the only Serb in the squad, Djuricic, will play the winger, Sabiri will lead the operations in the center. There is the variable Winks, formerly of Tottenham, who has been in Italy for over a month now, but is not yet ready to play due to an old ankle problem that has been tormenting him for years. Even Giampaolo, before him, hoped in vain that the most talented player of the Sampdoria summer market could return to the field.It did not happen: now Stankovic hopes that the recovery of the Englishman can take place quickly, so as to have an important pawn to play. alternate with the three current owners. Before the stop of the championship for the World Cup, Stankovic will have seven games available in thirty-six days to start putting the team back on track and improve the ranking. The day after tomorrow in Bologna, against his friend Thiago Motta, will be almost a challenge in the dark, because Stankovic will have today’s training and tomorrow’s finishing at his disposal, before leaving for Emilia. On Saturday the team will perform a leg in the training camp. Stankovic has ideas and good will, but the first draft of his real Sampdoria will arrive on 17 October at the Ferraris against Mourinho’s Roma. Many memories…

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