Samsung Galaxy S21 + – price in 2022 Where to buy the cheapest?

Samsung Galaxy S21 + is still one of the best smartphones on the market. Where can you buy it the cheapest in 2022? We checked the current prices of the Galaxy S21 + at various retailers in Poland and more. Check where you can buy the Samsung flagship at the lowest price.

In the current quarter, we are going to get to know the new flagships of the Samsung brand, about which we already know quite a lot.

Usually, in such circumstances, there is no shortage of ManiaKs and Promotion Hunters who expect the previous generation’s prices to drop soon. Is it really so? Let’s check it on the basis of the model Samsung Galaxy S21 +.

The current price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 +

At this point, let me remind you that the start of the Samsung Galaxy S21 + in the basic version of 8/128 GB cost PLN 4799. Now, almost a full year after the premiere, in the official Polish distribution, we will buy it from most sellers for … PLN 4799. Madness.

The current price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 +

The current price of Samsung Galaxy S21 + in AB PHOTO

There are only two exceptions. A smaller one is the Play store without a contract, where the Galaxy S21 + costs PLN 4599. It is clearly better at AB FOTO, where you have to pay PLN 4299. Apparently not bad, but PLN 500 cheaper in a year is not a record.

Fortunately, there is a way to buy the Galaxy S21 + much cheaper from a reliable source. On the Spanish Amazon, it is now available at a price of 779 euros, which after VAT compensation and direct conversion gives us about PLN 3,630. I know, sometimes it was cheaper, but now there is nothing to fret about if someone wants to buy the Galaxy S21 +.

The promotional price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 +

Discounted price for Samsung Galaxy S21 + on the Spanish Amazon

Will the price of this model fall after the premiere of the Galaxy S22? Considering the fact that we have been looking forward to a good promotion on the Galaxy S21 + for months, I see it on average. I expect this phone to be withdrawn from the offer rather than a drop in its price below PLN 3,000.

What about the prices of the remaining Galaxy S21?

Well, as you can see, there is no madness in the case of the Galaxy S21 +. And how is it with the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Ultra?

The first of the phones can now be bought for PLN 2,999, so it’s clearly better. The current price of the second one is better not to mention, especially in official sales channels …

Or maybe Galaxy S21 FE?

A few days ago, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE debuted, which in many ways resembles the Galaxy S21 +. Is it possible to treat it as a worthy alternative and buy it?

Well, the price of the Galaxy S21 FE starts in Poland from PLN 3499. Compared to the PLN 150 more expensive Amaozn Galaxy S21 + promotion, we lose adaptive screen refresh, ultrasonic biometric sensor, 2 GB RAM and 300 mAh, which, however, results from the screen with a longer diagonal. The ultra-wide angle lens looks better on paper, and the selfie camera looks worse.

I would, however, pay extra, because Samsung Galaxy S21 + seems to me the better choice in this situation. However, is it worth buying it at the current price? Everyone should answer this question for themselves.

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