Samsung has not made a plan for 2021. There are many reasons

The enthusiasm that prevailed after the premiere of the Galaxy S21 series devices seemed so great that Samsung could count on the implementation of its assumptions for 2021. After a few months, however, it turned out that the newest Galaxies are not selling as well as the Koreans would expect. Samsung produced 300 million devices last year, but at the same time failed to meet its target for the number of smartphones delivered to the market.

Samsung has not made a plan for 2021

According to the information provided by The Elec website, Samsung has not met its target for 2021 – it is about the number of smartphones delivered to the market. There are at least a few reasons for this and no other state of affairs.

The report shows that the South Korean company has produced a total of 300 million smartphones, 240 million of which in its own factories. The remaining copies left the partner factories. Samsung planned to deliver 300 million smartphones to the market, but finally only ~ 200 million, that is as much as ~ 100 million less.

In the 200 million pool of delivered devices, ~ 20 million are Galaxy S21 series smartphones. It is true that the number of copies in this case is very similar to the number of models from the Galaxy S20 line delivered to the market in 2020, but it turns out that these numbers are unsatisfactory – previous smartphones from the Galaxy S family sold up to 40 million copies.

It is disturbing that the Galaxy S21 did not have any internal competition in the form of the Galaxy Note series last year, so this result is all the more surprising and confusing to the company’s top analysts. Remember, however, that in some markets the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 were surprisingly good – perhaps they were the ones that channeled the demand for the Galaxy S21.

samsung galaxy with flip 3
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (photo:

The report also indicates that one of the reasons for the failure to achieve the set target may have been the continuing pandemic. It is because of this that we still face poor semiconductor availability and some factories with insufficient production capacity. Samsung believes that if it weren’t for these troubles, it would be able to sell more Galaxy S21 models.

The Elec website also informs that Koreans have even more ambitious plans for 2022. Samsung intends to supply 334 million smartphones, of which 285 million is to be produced in its own factories. The goal – as you can see – is ambitious, but Samsung can afford the implementation of such assumptions – after all, it is the largest smartphone supplier in the world.

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