Samsung Q80A – Home Entertainment Center?

Samsung offers many QLED TVs, but there is one model that combines premium technology with a reasonable price.

In 2021, Samsung prepared many interesting TVs. From basic models for every budget, to the most advanced designs of Mini LED 8K. However, if you are looking for a good TV that combines the advantages of top-shelf models with an attractive price, it is worth taking an interest in the TV Samsung Q80A.

Samsung Q80A is the highest model from this year’s QLED TV family. With a billion perfect colors as well as the depth of contrast and sound, the TV will allow you to experience the perfect experience while watching movies and sports broadcasts. Thanks to additional functions, we get a universal TV that will work both when using VOD services and at work or remote learning.

Contrast and color depth

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The Quantum Dot technology is the hallmark of QLED TVsthat fills the picture with a billion shades of color. 100% Color Intensity will make the colors perfect regardless of brightness. Intelligent AI Quantum 4K Processor will take care of extremely precise image optimization in real time, ensuring a resolution as close to 4K as possible.

Even more details on the screen and The Quantum HDR 1500 will provide cinematic quality of the depth of contrast. In turn, deep black and perfect white are the merits of the Direct Zone Illumination, which precisely regulates each scene. Thanks to this, every detail will become extremely clear and the colors more saturated, introducing the viewers to the very center of the film action.

In addition, now you no longer have to wonder about which screen position will be the best. WITH Wide Viewing Angle our attention will not miss any details while watching a movie or a match, even if we watch them with a large group of friends and we see the TV screen from a large angle. On the other hand Image Adaptation Function constantly reacts to the surrounding conditions and automatically adjusts the brightness. As a result, even movies viewed in natural light look great.

Cinematic sound

The visual experience is complemented by a deep and rich sound. Built-in speaker system (2.2.2) provide even more realism. Additional experience will be provided by the function The Sound of Following the Objectwhich adjusts the movement of the sound to the action taking place on the screen. In other words, when we see a moving plane, the sound will follow the direction of its flight.

What’s more, the TV can be placed anywhere in the room and it will not affect the sound quality. Space Fit Sound Function will take care of optimization and generate a sound perfectly suited to the room. On the other hand, if you experience unwanted noises while watching a movie, such as renovations behind a wall or an electric kettle on, you no longer need to turn up the volume to clearly hear the dialogues. Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) it will automatically detect disturbances and raise the sound level in the material you are watching.

The Q80A can also be easily synced with the Samsung Q-series soundbar. Thanks to the feature Q-Symphony the sound from the soundbar speakers is amplified by the speakers of the QLED TV. Now we don’t have to choose whether we use soundbar speakers or TV. We can use them now simultaneously. Thanks to this, we get a richer sound stage, more spacious sound, and as a result, real cinematic emotions.

A treat for players

Samsung QE55Q80TA / photo

QLED Q80A also offers a lot of opportunities for players or sports enthusiasts. For example Advanced Movement Fluidizer + will allow you to enjoy extremely smooth movement while watching matches or virtual gameplay. Improved motion to 120 Hz in 4K will provide improved dynamics without lag and blur. Thanks in turn FreeSync Premium Pro you can forget about the inconvenience during the game, because the function reduces image tearing and noise, and also reduces the input lag, which is often decisive in the final game.

This year’s novelty is also the Player Panel, which will allow you to instantly check and possibly change the TV settings without leaving the game. Now it is also possible to change the aspect ratio to 21: 9 or 32: 9, similar to ultra-wide gaming monitors.

Multiple uses

QLED Q80A also has solutions that will make the TV successful for work or remote learning. The Google Duo app makes it easy to connect with colleagues on the big screen of your TV. You only need to connect an external web camera. In turn, to transfer the screen of a computer or laptop to a TV set, you can use the PC function on the TV screen and connect both devices via a Wi-Fi network.

The Samsung QLED 4K Q80A TV is available in four screen sizes: 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches. It is a universal TV, prepared to change the standard of broadcasting digital terrestrial TV signals thanks to the DVB-T2 tuner, with excellent picture quality and easy-to-use fast Smart TV.

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