Sandra Bullock enjoys the break away from the cinema: «Before I was really exhausted»

Sandra Bullock has made a clear decision and painful: a while ago, during the promotion of the new film The Lost City, has told the world that he wants to retire from the stage. The 57-year-old Oscar-winning actress has decided to leave Hollywood to take back her life and give priority to her affections.

The reason for this period of stand-by in the career is due to an excessive workload, to a pressure that led her to burn out and lead her not to make healthy decisions. Of course, the public will still see her in theaters soon because on August 25th she will be back next to Brad Pitt (with whom she recently worked in The Lost City) into Bullet trainthe most awaited film of the summer.

The artist said that the price of success is quite high and includes a nomadic life with rather complicated consequences for personal life. already after theAcademy Award for The Blind Side she had decided to take time off to raise her two adopted children, Louis and Laila.
Which proves that Sandra Bullock has never been afraid to go at her own pace and, when necessary, take a healthy distance from work commitments.

It has disappeared from the radar since March: «I don’t want to be dependent on anyone else’s agenda anymore than me. I felt burnt out, tired and unable to make healthy and intelligent decisions. For me work has always been crucial and I have been very lucky. At some point I realized how much it was becoming a crutch I leaned on. I felt like I was opening the fridge all the time but never finding what I was looking for».

It is not, therefore, a criticism for the absence of roles suitable for his age, indeed he declared during the promotion of The Lost City all the relief for a cut part affixed to her. He would not have wanted the writer interpreted to be a twenty-year-old instead of a fifty-year-old, proving that showbusiness is finally abandoning the idea of ​​eternal youth at all costs.

Fans are obviously wishing her the best and hoping to see her in front of or behind the camera soon, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for now because Sandra Bullock has reached her limit. Admitting that she was under pressure, fatigued and unable to cope with the grueling pace allowed her to set a good example for the public. There are positive comments on the web who praise her ability to self care and the desire not to look perfect at any cost. In short, a modern Wonder Woman who knows how to face her fragility head on. Chapeau!

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