Sandra Bullock, The Lost City and 5 other must-see rom-coms

Lucy (Sandra Bullock) is a social advocate who has an ancestral aversion to the privileged rich. The capricious and immature heartthrob tycoon George Wade (Hugh Grant) belongs to the category: he does not know the sense of limits or the value of money. She needs me to save the community center while he plans to tear it down, so they make a deal: Lucy must become her trusted lawyer. A difficult compromise, of course, but she accepts. She earns a lot of money, of course, but George makes life impossible for her, calling her at all hours, for “emergencies” of all kinds, from buying a mattress to her advice on a tie. The continuous and exhilarating clashes, however, make the spark strike…

TWO. Blackmail (Amazon Prime Video)


Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is one of those nightmarish professionals who mercilessly harass all subordinates. In her case, one of the predestined victims is Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), the assistant of this brilliant but cynical editor. One day, however, her Canadian visa to work in the United States expires without her realizing it and she risks deportation: to avoid returning home she fakes an engagement with the unsuspecting subordinate. In order to get a promotion, the boy accepts but without notifying the family who are waiting for him in Alaska for his grandmother’s ninetieth birthday (the late Betty White in a hilarious performance). From this moment a series of hilarious misunderstandings starts that puts the plan to the test. And, in the meantime, the woman’s icy heart starts beating again. Don’t miss the scene in the woods!

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