Scam “on the Czech”. Planter lost 50 tons of apples

Financial frauds occur regularly in the Puławy poviat, but the “Czech” method appeared for the first time. Last month, her victim was a 40-year-old resident of the Kurów commune, who had a large amount of apples to sell. The announcement was noticed by an alleged Czech who called the seller of the fruit, proposing to buy it at a favorable price. The man with a foreign accent gave his full details, including e-mail, company name, etc. He also arranged the transport.

50 tons of fruit were loaded on two trucks. The seller received a confirmation of their receipt from the driver of the transport company and waited for the transfer. Nothing seemed to be a problem until he looked back at the online agricultural market. There he found an entry from a fruit grower from the vicinity of Rawa Mazowiecka (Łódź Province), who warned against a cheater from “Czech”. As it turned out, it is the same to whom our hero gave apples worth about 30 thousand. zloty. Concerned, he started texting him and sending him e-mails asking about the due date. However, no answers came. Contact broke off.

So the injured person called the transport company. He found out that his apples found their way to the villages near Hrubieszów. The drivers were paid for their collection by an unknown man. He was wearing a cap with a visor and a protective mask. He handed over the cash without signing anything and was gone. The fruit was physically picked up by a processing company that had contact only with an anonymous intermediary. When the latter offered them a price of PLN 0.28 per kilogram, they did not ask for details.

A resident of the Kurów commune reported the case to the police. The proceedings are conducted by the Puławy headquarters in cooperation with policemen from the province of Łódź, who are trying to find the perpetrator of a similar scam.

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